Talk about an electronic equipment you brought for your house ielts exam

Talk about an electronic equipment you brought for your house ielts exam

Or talk about something you purchased recently.

Or talk about a gift you purchased.


You should say:

What was it?

When & from where did you buy it?

How is it useful for every family member?



1  . Normally, the shopping for the house is done by my mother.

2 . However, I also purchased few items for my house.

3 . Recently, I brought a laptop. It is apple Mac book Pro and it is very costly.


When & from where did you buy it?


I bought it from Chandigarh on my parents’ last marriage anniversary.


How it is helpful?


This is an extremely useful gadget and the need the hour, I believe.  It is helpful for almost everyone in the house in one way or the other.


1 . For example, my siblings and I take its help in studies to complete important assignments and projects. It saves our valuable time which we can invest in some other creative and productive activities. 


2 . Moreover, we use it to entertain ourselves and pass our time.  We use internet on it especially Facebook, play computer games, etc. listening music etc.


3 . This laptop is proving helpful for my parents also.  My mother is a very good cook.  She is taking help of internet in preparing variety of dishes. My father is using it to communicate with my relatives via e-mails and webcams.  He is also promoting his business through YouTube and Face book etc.


All in all, the laptop is providing a helping hand to everyone and we are very thrilled and excited to have it.


Follow-up questions

1 . Which thing is most popular in terms of technology in India?

2 . Instead of cell phones, what is the second popular thing in terms of technology?

3 . When do you normally switch off your cell phone?

4 . How cell phone is useful to you?

5 . Who do you think utilize technology more at home- men or women?

6 . What are the advantages/ disadvantages of technology?

7 . What improvements you would like to see in technology in future?

8 . Is the use of technology very high where you come from?

9 . Nowadays people are dependent on technology quite a lot. What do you think about it?

10 . Do you agree that people should let machinery do everything?

Fllowups questions:

Question: What kinds of machines are used for housework in modern homes in your country?

Answer: In my country, India, many sorts of equipment are used in new houses like: triple door freeze, microwave, oven, water filter, ac, heaters, washings machines and many more, with help of these equipments everyone do any work in less time in their busy schedule.

Question: What are the benefits of electronic equipment?

Answer: Nowadays, electronic equipment are very useful because everyone busy in their work and they do not have more time for housework with help of these equipment all working women and others are more happy as compares to past because they easily clean every corner of house and kitchen work as well as, cooking healthy food at home with own hands.

Question: Do you think modern technology makes people lazier?

Answer: Yes, I believe folks become more lazy with new technology and they do not want to do work with hands and as well as, humans use the car for every little work. moreover, females fully depend on house equipment for example: they use the microwave for boil and r heat the food, freezer for cold water with it, everyone faces a lot of physical problems.

Question: What can people do to their equipment from technical problems?

Answer: All electronic equipments are costly and everyone takes care of all equipments. First of all, save equipment save from dust and water. everybody use in the limits well as, before use people check electricity. folks properly read full information and instructions which provide on the front than use the equipment in a proper way.



More and more people are using computers and other electronic devices to access information

Talk about an electronic equipment you brought for your house ielts exam



Talk about an electronic equipment you brought for your house ielts exam

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