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Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

Talk About an Exciting or Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You ReadTalk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You ReadYou Read (1)

Talk about an exciting or interesting book you read

Sample Answer of Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

In the contemporary world, people have enormous chances to read world-class books anywhere at any time. Technology is widely open in numerous ways, like pdf copies and in the form of hard copies itself. Today,

I would like to talk about a series of books which I read years before. That is about the Siva trilogy. The authors’ name is Mr Amish. Actually, Mr Amish began his career as a banking official then, and he turned into an entrepreneurship. In between his busy schedules, he was stared writing. In addition, when he became a full-time writer, he dropped his job and other employment responsibilities. Back to the book, the Siva trilogy contains books of three, and it mainly focuses on Lord Siva.

He clearly picturized Siva as a village man in the valley of the Himalayas. The fights between tribes, victories, dreadful climatic conditions, bestowed to his better half, and ultimately he became their lord. Once I got a chance to visit green books in my district, and I was an often visitor over there. Unexpectedly I purchased 1st book from the series, and once I completed the reading, I was really astonished and tranquil because the book was really influential.

The very next day, I purchased the remaining parts. The style of writing and implementing incidents of Mr Amish in this particular book is incredible. It has the propensity to read the whole book in a single sitting. After this series, he again implements another series, which is focused on lord Rama. That is also quite interesting.

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Question 1:- Do people in your country like to read books?

Answer – Of Course. India is a country that is well advanced in literacy. Obviously, the countryman has the ability and passion for reading. Most of them had the habit of reading daily newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and novels as per their interests.

Question 2:- Do you think reading is important?

Answer – Definitely, in my opinion, reading is an ability which will help to understand the contents of particular books, and it is an unavoidable quality. Students read their course materials and elders read various kinds of books and newspapers.

Question 3:- What kinds of books are most popular in your country?

Answer – There are enthralling and astonishing booklets are available in my country, for children, comics and other cartoon books, for youngsters fitness, sports, automotive, fashion and cinema for adults novels, travelogues, astronomy, science fiction and so on.

Question 4:- Do you think electronic books will eventually replace paper books?

Answer – Not exactly. For me, whatever physical presence is provided by paper books can’t replace by electronic books. In addition, readers had emotional attachments with paper books. However, electronic books may be easy to store but, adults and children are not preferred for the same.

Question 5:- Some people like to collect books. Why do you think they do this?

Answer – Some people had emotional attachments to books. They had the inclination that, collect all the books as per their tastes. Furthermore, they read all these books while travelling, in personal moments, and before bedtime. In addition, very few author’s releases were limited editions. Readers can’t buy these books after a particular time. So this is also another reason.

Question 6:- Is compulsory reading (in school) is a good idea?

Answer – Reading is a good habit for children. But in my personal opinion, compulsory reading is not at all a good idea for students because they cannot concentrate on reading. For the namesake, they can cover up scheduled portions. But this will not help them for the time of recollecting points.

Question 7:- What books do children read, and what do adults read?

Answer – Children should read as per their interests and tastes. Most of them preferred comics for reading. Apart from this, they should read motivational and inspirational books, travelogues, and life stories. In the case of adults, they can read biographies, detective novels, historical notes and fitness, and health relates books.

Question 8:- Why do men and women prefer different books?

Answer – As per gender tastes, their preferences are entirely different from each other. Besides, they are individuals who have the freedom to select books as per their reading habits. Men selected books like sports, movies, automotive, and business. Meantime, women prefer to read fashion, jewellers, fitness, and education.

Question 9:- What type of books do children read nowadays?

Answer – Children may read science fiction, comics, cartoons, etc. very few of them had the habit to read novels and detective books. However, they always engaged with their study materials.

Question 10:- Can storybooks be an ideal gift for children?

Answer – Definitely, this will help to enhance their reading ability. Few children don’t have the ability of reading. These types of gifts may help to focus more on reading.

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