Talk About an Important River or Lake in Your Country: Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown. You should say:-

  • What is it?
  • How has it changed people’s lives?
  • What benefits did it bring?
  • And explain if it is more important for older or younger people?

Sample 1 Talk About an Important River or Lake in Your Country: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Get numerous water resources in my country, which has a moon known for its rich cultural heritage in their respective regions. Now I want to talk about the most significant river in India, the Ganga. This river originates in the Himalayas. The point is known as Gangotri edit passes over different states’ different villages statistics. Finally, it reaches the day of Bengal. I would say this is the most spectacular river because the way it passes through different regions gives rays to breadth, taking use when I visited this Ganga river during my college days, I was fascinated with the exotic landscapes dead by the river. I would say I was on cloud nine on top of the world. I came across these places it has changed people life’s immense because many people who are living nearby can make survival with the help of a by occupied by buying boards and making it an occupation similarly there are so many activities such as river rafting, sea gliding etc. it also has some old sayings such as a person takes a bath in this holy river then they might be spiritual. They can google all their sins which they had committed in their life I would say this benefits both senior citizens as well as kinksters in their separate ways. Senior citizens feel that they have to visit this these places and take a holy dip in the river Ganga. Youngsters want to enjoy the views of the beautiful sceneries. It is one of the best vacations.

Sample 2 Talk About an Important River or Lake in Your Country: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, India is a diverse country and rivers play a significant role in the lifestyle of the people and majority of people like the other rivers even it’s a kind of bliss for them and in India are there temples rivers which are kind of famous and many people like to visit and see the beauty of river because the water of the river is quite incredible. We are unable to compare the river water with anything else. Here I would like to talk about the most famous river in my country, the Ganga, even though it is a holy river and many people have liked to follow the tradition of this river in the past years moreover there are lots of reasons. I like this river very much because the area covered by this river is immense and also touched many cities and villages which people like to use the water of Ganga for various purposes apart from that last year when I visited them in a hilly area, and I saw the river of Ganga. I was wonders-tuck and felt also delighted, but I also got worried about seeing the condition of the Ganga river because this river is contaminated by the people and people like to through a lot of garbage and waste into the rivers and river get polluted by humans even lots of factories and organisation released their waste inside the rivers and water of river turn into blackish. I am worried about that situation and want to take some strict initiative to improve the condition of the river because many people like to watch this river even many senior old age people consider the water of Ganga as baptism. Moreover, I like this river for an abundance of reasons because the farmers also use the river’s water for their fields even though they like to do a lot of activities with the help of water. Even Ganga is the source of water which contains a lot of minerals and another product which use in the lifestyle of the human apart from that the river also called as a marine life even all numerous of species of fish and Wales also like to live in this river even is a kind of home for them. It has immense benefits in the lifestyle of the human, so that is the reason. I liked very much and found very interesting, and I request all council to take the initiative to improve the condition of the Ganga because we save that river for our upcoming generation. After all, they like to interact with them and also know the importance of religious values in their life. After all, Ganga is the root of our country, and we all depend on this river.

Part 3 Questions Talk About an Important River or Lake in Your Country: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Why do many people like going to places with water, such as lakes, rivers, or seas?

Answer 1:- Nowadays most of the youngsters are desperate to visit the related places such as beaches mountains waterfalls etc. because they feel that it is the best way to relax and rejuvenate themselves and making trips games of places it’s very comfortable to escape from their hectic schedules a good way to enjoy with their friend’s families or even by themselves.

Answer 2:- They are lots of reasons why people like to visit the places of water such as lakes, rivers it even a water Pond because they have to do recreational activities over there and want to spend their quality time seeing the beauty of the rivers because the majority of people in my country our college and engaged in their address and they want to spend their quality time with their family. I think the river and water sport one of the foremost places and compatible with life and they like to make conversation over there its reduce the level of stress moreover many people like to do photo shoot over there and also post their status on our social networking site, so that is another factor, so these are the reason which why people to move watersport areas.

Question 2:- What kinds of leisure activities do people like to do in water places

Answer 1:- There are various activities which people can do in such water-related places such as river rafting in Ganga and other artistic movements such as eating and scuba diving. These kinds of activities are nowadays are gaining a lot of popularity, and people are longing to experience such activities in their life.

Answer 2:- It depends on the people who like to do various activities in watersport some of the families like to spend quality time inside the water and also enjoy the feel of water over there because the river waters is a kind of cool and become natural because there is no any chemical in river water apart from that some people like to organise a small camp beside the canal and like to play games.

Question 3:- Do children and old people feel the same way when they go to the beach?

Answer 1:- Not really; senior citizens preferred to just relax on the sand rather than going to the beach and having fun because of some health-related obstacles. Children always go to the beach and have fun in the water, but sometimes they would also build a sand castle with the help of some toys. This is how each person Joyce Aruna’s way of life when they visit a beach.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think so because there is a big difference between old people and the young generation in the term of old people they like to sit calm and also take a sun bath, so they don’t do any kind of activities over there because they already get tired in their senior age, but youngsters like to do various activities and like to make a sand home and also prefer to catch a fish even like to take a selfie over there.

Question 4:- Why do people like water sports?

Answer 1:- I feel that it is one of the best ways to relax when they are involved in water sports like swimming mini has advantages to physical well-being such as it can make us lose weight elite stress or depression. It is one of the best spare time activities as well.

Question 5:- Do you think the beach or seaside is more suitable for children or old people to spend their leisure time with?

Answer 1:- Not really. Nowadays there is always a big question such as which kind of vacation sports people prefer, and that would be beaches or mountains, and I would say half of the people prefer visiting beaches and the other half are likely to go for a mountain spot it’s again dependent on one’s own perspective.

Answer 2:- They are lots of reasons why people like water as food for sleep people like to spend their time in water sports in the summertime because they feel hot and take a break from work and also enjoy their moment in cool water. Moreover, many families like to make a small camp and also spend the time over there which is used to enhance their relationship bones and like to do various activities over there.

Question 6:- Is there much water transportation in your country?

Answer 1:- Who are most of the places which are near cities using cruises boats ships to for transporting goods from one place to another there are also harbours in cities such as Chennai Kuchi Vishakhapatnam which is crucial for importing and exporting goods to and from other countries?

Answer 2:- Yes, water transportation is quite popular in my country but not available in all city’s some are available in the boundary of the cities like Mumbai Bangalore Kerala even the city has quite popular many people like to travel by boat yard and ships I think the service is quite famous in my country and the majority of people like to take a ride on a ship for a better excitement.

Question 7:- Do people travel by boat in your country?

Answer 1:- Not really. My primary means of transportation is either by train or flight. However, I prefer to travel on a cruise, especially when I visit Chennai, because that is where the Bay of Bengal is there, and again that is one of the best ways to relax.

Answer 2:- Not frequently do people travel by boat in my country because the water sports in my countries are quite low and people often use public transport which uses over the roads because water sports are not available in every city I think is that connected with the boundaries of Bangalore Pune on the South side of the city.

Question 8:- How important is water in daily life?

Answer 1:- Water is the most critical aspect of my life because I really can’t imagine my life without water. My day big commences with drinking water, so I don’t imagine a day without a drop of water in my life.

Answer 2:- Water plays a significant role in the lifestyle of the people to maintain their living standards. Even without water, life would be unpredictable, and water is the key of the source of every people, so all the dependency of the people is dependent on water because water gives us energy and meaning to live a life.

Question 9:- How important are rivers and lakes to the cities where they are located?

Answer 1:- Lakes Rewards Pawns and other water bodies are tremendously for people because that is the main source of water for their everyday consumption or usage. In fact, there are so many states which are deprived of water and play our requesting other states to provide them water. There are so many rivalries which had been happening for a few years among different states, and I would say it is the most important aspect of one’s life.

Answer 2:- According to my perspective, rivers and lakes are quite crucial in which they are located in the area of a boundary of the rivers even see because of a lot of events which city is like to take water from the river and also use the water for various purposes and gives an abundance of benefits to the citizens who live there even river water gives all amenities to the city even need to use for various purposes.

Question 10:- Do your country’s rivers suffer from severe pollution?

Answer 1:- Most of the rivers are polluted, and the river Ganga I mentioned earlier faces severe pollution issues. Most of the toxic gases pollutants which are bingo of Industries are released into these water bodies, and it is getting rapidly contaminated, affecting the lives of human flora fauna tremendously.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, river pollution is quite popular in my country even if it becomes a serious situation to preserve the river by the government because all the rivers get contaminated by the people. After all, all large quantities of this material thrown into the river for disposal and the colour of the water are the turn to black so I think it is not compatible with human life which eventually leads to people would be suffering from trusting consequences related health issue so I strongly request to the local council to take the initiative to impose Ala against offences.

Question 11:- Do you think human activity poses a global threat to oceans?

Answer 1:- Oasis of course as I was mentioning because of rapid industry analyzation the toxic substances are extremely released into the water bodies even, and the aquatic life is a deeply affected and also whenever people visit the beaches austrix which they use in their life are disposed of into these water bodies which eventually affects the life of sea animals it has to be controlled, and some measures have to be adapted to protect our water bodies.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, human activities pose a threat to the ocean globally in a large quantity. Even every single river and ocean is contaminated by people’s activities because a large number of factories and organisations open and release their internal toxic and poison water into the ocean, which contains a lot of chemicals. Then drastic substance which is totally compatible with the marine life. As a result, the fish and other kinds of species would be extinct, so we need to take the initiative to control that issue and preserve all the water on earth for our upcoming generation.

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