Talk about an important river or Lake ielts exam

Talk about an important river or Lake IELTS exam

Which water body is that

How do you know about it?  

Why does it impress you so much   

India is a country which is known for its scenic beauty of nature. One can see rivers, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, springs. There are not only the source of beauty also fulfills the need for water for irrigation. Some rivers are also known for their historical importance. both types of lakes are there in our country natural and man-made.

today I would like to talk about a lake where I visited several times with my family and is Sukhna lake in the capital of Punjab Chandigarh. it is situated at the footprints of Shivalik hills. it is an important part of Chandigarh which adds its beauty. my uncle lives there. when I visit my uncle for the first time my cousin and I visited that lake I was really impressed by the beauty of that lake a large number of people enjoyed the beauty.

there was also an arrangement for boating .me and my cousin enjoyed boating and we also took some photographs there. one side of the lake is the beautiful city Chandigarh and another side bunch of trees and one can also watch the beauty of Shivalik hills from there. there was also an arrangement for breakfast, diners, and lunch. a number of shops are situated on the edge of the lake. I enjoyed a cup of coffee. it was a pollution free area and one can get relief from stressful life by visiting there.


Q-1 What is the importance of rivers in your country?

Ans: yes rivers in my country have great importance.these are an important part of the culture and heritage of my country.they are not only an important source of irrigation for the farmers of the country but the source of income for the government also because a large number of national and international visitors visit the places developed by the tourism department on the edge of the rivers.


Q-2 Do you like any activities in water?

Ans: yes I like many activities in the water like swimming, diving, sailing, and surfing. I remember when I had gone to Manila to spend my summer vacations where my brother is residing with his family since 1999.we had gone to the famous beach Boracay where we all enjoyed swimming and had a lot of fun on the beach.

Q-3 Is it necessary for everyone to learn swimming?

Ans: there is no compulsion on anyone to learn swimming but according to my point of view everyone should learn swimming because it could be helpful for a person anywhere and at any time .it is an important skill.

Q-4 Should we be concerned about river pollution?

Ans: yes definitely we should be concerned about river pollution very seriously because these are the natural sources of water.rivers not only fulfill needs of irrigation for farmers but also a dwelling place for a large number of species living in water. many parts of the country face the shortage of water and people use the river water for them.if the rivers would be polluted then it would be a danger for the whole of humanity.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon



If you can talk about the cue card topic “Describe a lake, a river or a sea you like to visit.” you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:

  • Describe your favorite place in your hometown. 
  • Describe a place near a lot of water. 
  • Describe somewhere you have been to recently. 
  • Describe a recent tour or picnic you have had. 
  • Describe a place you often visit. 
  • Describe a river or sea in your country. 
  • Describe a sea beach you have visited. 
  • Describe a place in your country which is worth visiting. 
  • Describe a famous tourist spot in your country. 


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Talk about an important river or Lake ielts examTalk about an important river or Lake IELTS exam Talk about an important river or Lake ielts exam Talk about an important river or Lake ielts exam Talk about an important river or Lake ielts exam Talk about an important river or Lake ielts exam

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