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Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect Cue Card

Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect Cue Card (1)
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Talk about an old person you know and respect

Sample 1

Well, old persons are highly rewarded in any society, and people feel blessed if they have any old parents at their home. So here I would like to speak about my grandmother, who is a very adorable person. If I talk about her personality, then she has a pleasing personality. Her way of treating others is commendable.

She never speaks rudely with others. Besides, no one can guess her age. Although she is in her early 70s, she doesn’t look old. She is younger than her age, and I love the style that she has adopted because she never eats junk food and always relies on traditional food that she usually makes at home. I must salute her passion for work because she is a morning bird and does all the household work and even goes to the Sikh shrine to prepare community food.

Therefore, humbleness is the hallmark of her personality. I respect my grandmother because she never says any to any person, and sometimes she goes out of her way to help others. Her opinions are highly valued. She is a great advisor and never misguide others. I must mention here that she never hesitate to donate a portion of her pension to provide basic things to the people. So she is a great philanthropist. Even sometimes, I get lethargic but seeing my grandmother’s passion, and I get motivated to do some useful work and never sit idle. I am greatly inspired by my grandmother, and I think I am fortunate enough to have such a person in my life.

Sample 2

Talking about an elder person, I can only think of my aunt. From the maternal side, that is. I have known her since my childhood because she has always taken care of me and helped me with everything. I had always looked at her as an ideal. Because she was good in everything like maintaining the house, doing all the work on her own and mostly she is good in cooking. She always tries something different and come up with excellent taste and always help me if I am stuck in cooking.

She is like a mother to me because she understands me like my mother; she knows how I react to certain things. For example, if I want to buy a dress, I always look at it but never ask to buy it, but she will just buy it and say, this is for you, and I am like, how does she know everything without my saying. How can she understand me so well like she is looking into a mirror and understand my thoughts also? I respect her because she has never ever laid a hand on me if I have made any mistakes or if I have ever let down.

She will always ask me the reason first, and she has always been to grow with us. She is always trying to cope up with our generation how we think, reacts or eating. She always understands, and this makes me proud of her and wants to be like her.

Follow-ups of Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect Cue Card

Question 1. What qualities does a person need to have to take care of old people?

Answer 1:- A person who is taking care of old persons must have patience, dedication as well as knowledge of how to deal with them because old persons are very sensitive. They want affection from others. So if a person is lovable and selfless, then he is able to take care of oldsters.

Answer 2:- There isn’t such thing as good qualities or bad qualities, in my opinion. Because if someone has a feeling towards humanity, he or she will be able to take care of that person. Without being said so, they have to have the inner realisation that they are important ones, and because of them, we are today who we are. Because of their cultural thoughts and values, we are being respected in our jobs or in society. We should be kind towards them and help them in every possible way.

Question 2. Do you think old people should be taken care of at home?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely they should be taken care of at home because they have spent their whole life taking care of other persons. So now it is the turn of other family members to take care of them instead of sending them to any old age home. If they are taken care of at home, then they feel happier, and it will strengthen their relationship. It is beneficial for other members because they are guided well under the leadership of oldsters.

Answer 2:- Definitely, I think that they should be taken care of at home. Being in a country where we give respect and importance to our values, I think they are the pillars of our home, and they should be at home because they give us the reasoning of everything and they share their values and they teach our children to how to behave and give them the advice on how to be respectful and kind towards others. They are always happier, and they spread positivity also, because of them we celebrate all the festival with proper rituals and gain some insights that will be beneficial and also, know about our ancient period.

Question 3. How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

Answer 1:- During an epidemic, other persons can help the elderly population by providing them with essential things such as fruits, vegetables and medicines. So that oldsters don’t feel a need to go outside to bring the necessary items for themselves. Besides, if they feel emotionally sick, then they must be listened to by others either by making phone calls or making a social distance to talk to them personally.

Answer 2:- Of course, looking at this epidemic time, I think that it is of utmost importance to help elder people. Because they can’t earn and they cannot cook due to the health issues they must be facing or other reasons through which they must be suffering. In this pandemic, I have seen that many young people have come forward and helped the older generation providing them with food, shelter and clothes. Necessity is important, so they used the internet platform and asked everyone to help the old people by giving them food or clothes or if they needed financial help. They tried every possible way so that not of the person left without getting food. They have worked day and night to deliver meds or give anything that is important to them.

Question 4. Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Answer 1:- Yes, during the pandemic, it happened, and we all neighbourhood provided essential help to elderly people, and due to that help now we have a very good bonding with each other. Whenever we go outside, usually oldsters take care of our home because we’ll live in the same building. We all celebrate functions together, whether it is social or personal.

Answer 2:- Yes, I have seen in my society only that people are always helpful towards them. If they have difficulty in walking, they lend a hand, or if they need medical attention, they call doctors, or if they have trouble being alone, they spend time with them. Play with them or take a walk or they just sometimes cook at their home and have brunch together and sometimes also sleep with them to make themselves important and they’d not feel left out. They try to involve them in all the festivals they free them up; also, they feed them and make them feel special.

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