Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect


Talk about an older person you know and respect

  • Who they are,
  • How you know this person,
  • What they are like,
  • why you respect them

Sample Answer of Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect

My family taught me that only by giving respect to others we could gain Other’s respect. Along with this its shows our Etiquettes. That’s why I try to by being polite to others as I can. Here I would like to talk about a person who earned my respect just because of his deeds. He is none other than my grandfather. I would not completely praise him to the skies, but he is really my inspiration. He is open-minded and ready to accept things, whereas, in today’s world, it is difficult to adapt to the new culture by the old people. My grandpa understands that it is today’s need to adapt and change.

Even in his young days, he never believed in stereotypes. Even though in the bygone era there was no importance of education, my grandfather completed his graduation in the education system to become a proficient teacher. He achieved his goals and always encouraged me by saying that if a person being stubborn and showing pure dedication along with consistency, Anyone can achieve anything. I still remember when I was in my college days, I had backlogs in maths, so I decided to give up my studies. Instead of scolding me like my parents, he took me to a fair to try different rides.

That time, I was not only astonished but in a dilemma. Then he taught me that success and failures are part of our life. We need to learn lessons from them and improve ourselves. I still followed this advice, and after some days, I again prepared my study with concentration, and I cleared my exams with flying colours. Even now, I do the same whenever I feel down in the dumps. I have never met Anyone with such a calm and amicable nature who tries to be kind to others equally regardless of their gender and age. Due to this reason, I respect and love my grandfather.

Follow-ups Talk About an Old Person You Know and Respect

Question 1 What qualities does a person need to have to take care of old people?

Answer – There are myriad traits required to handle an old person. First and foremost, a person requires calmness as old people are strict about his behaviour. Secondly, they require the strength of courage as old people often contract diseases due to their age, so sometimes practical nature is required. Lastly, most importantly, we need to give respect to elders. In my opinion, these three qualities are required for taking care of old people.

Question 2 Do you think old people should be taken care of at home?

Answer – Yes, definitely, grey-haired people can be taken. Care at home even in today’s pace-life situation. Nowadays, many caretakers are available who can take care of old people in many developed nations. Moreover, authorities also provide wages to caretakers and funding to old people.

Question 3 How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

Answer – In the current spread of the contagious disease of Coronavirus, people advise to make social distance; however, many people in the neighbourhood support the elderly people by providing food, financial support, medicines and awareness to them to avoid becoming victims of CORONA disease.

Question 4 Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Answer – I have seen many people help old people during the lockdown period, actually, in the pandemic time of corona old people not advised to visit crowded area such as market, so we had made a group in our society to help the old people who lived stone’s throw away from our house. By offering them their daily needs so that way, they can not only get all the routine things but also they would be protected from Coronavirus.

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