Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done But, You Haven’t: Cue Card

Talk about something interesting your friend has done, but you haven’t.

  • What is it?
  • When did your friend do it?
  • And explain why you want to do it.

Sample Answer of Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done But, You Haven’t: Cue Card

There is a number of things which we did together, my friend and me because we are schoolmates and college mates too. As I remember one incident when my friend finished his work before, then I did . and even I didn’t have any awareness of it.

In our last semester, we are working on a group project where we have to create one intra-mail server that helps the organization communicate internally without investing lots of money in particular software or hardware.

We have almost completed the work, but we are facing some difficulties while communicating; whenever we run that program, it throws one error, and whenever we try to fix it, we get plenty of errors.


There was no one who helped us to resolve this issue, and we got quite sad and worried if it will not work, we are not able to get a good score on the exam. To fixed out this issue, I read a number of books and equations but was unable to fix it an out.

We bet on it for 5000 rupees; whoever would fix this issue will win that amount, but unfortunately, I was unable to fix that, and I lost. Vahi submitted that project, and we got good scores in our last semester; some days ago, he confessed that he did cheating on me, and he refunded the bet amount; I asked him what you did he told me that his cousin was a software engineer and he took help from him for this. I got angry with him, but I forgave him because I got my money back as well good score on the exam, so I was happy I forgot everything, and we did a celebration.

Part 3 Questions Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done But, You Haven’t: Cue Card

Question 1. Why are some things most interesting for a person?

Answer – There is a number of things to which some peoples are emotionally or mentally attached. And people are trying to achieve that at any cost just because of their attachment. For example, if someone wants a luxury car, he makes lots of hard work or investments to achieve his dream.

Question 2. Do your friends help you to fulfil your desires?

Answer – I don’t find any friend yet who helps me to full fill my desire because I know no one can help me with this. I am the only person who can help to achieve my desire, and for this, I have to do lots of hard work two enhance the skills which I require to achieve that.

Question 3. Is it necessary to do certain things at the right time?

Answer – I don’t think we can do multiple things at the same time, but we try to do multiple tasks because time is money, and if we are utilizing our time somewhere, we will definitely get successful. And secondly, it totally depends on the human mentality and how many tasks he can handle simultaneously. In my opinion, there is no right time to do anything. Whenever we get the opportunity and time, we must perform that task.

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