Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Talk about something that you have borrowed from a friend. Please say –

  • What you borrowed, and when
  • Who you borrowed it from
  • Why did you borrow it
  • And explain how you felt after borrowing it.

Sample 1

Sharing is caring, and this is a good habit since in our daily life, people borrow and lend something to each other. On this occasion, I would like to talk about a book that I borrowed from my best friend. It was during last semester when my final exams appeared. I remember the weather was not really good, heavy rain during that day. I studied at the class as usual. One day, I forgot my English book. At that time, I became anxious as my English exam was two hours after and bringing that book was mandatory to do that exam. After that, I tried to think and decided to call my best friend, who had a different schedule from me because our class was also different. Luckily, she said that I could borrow the book from her as soon as possible, it was really a nice gesture from her. I immediately rushed to her place, in another class, and got a sigh of relief when she gave me the book. I felt confident about the exam despite losing 2-hours of precious preparation time. A Clock was ticking, and my exam went really well; I returned the book to her the next day with a note of thanks. A few months later, my result was declared; I was surprised to see that I scored the highest marks in that subject. I felt so happy and grateful for my best friend’s help. Without her help, this score would not have been ever possible to me. Finally, I bought a gift for her to express my gratitude.

Sample 2

In our daily routine, we encounter a situation where we have to buy new things for a certain time period after that they become less useful or sometimes you have something, but you don’t remember where to find it. The same happened to me last month. I was studying on my desk and after completing my other subjects work when I moved to English. I suddenly realized that I had again forgotten to find my English grammar book. Then I looked for it for some time but couldn’t find it. Then I thought to call my friend Gopal Krishan and ask him to lend me a book for some time. The book was J.P.H. general English which was very beneficial to me. Because it helps me to improve my grammar and vocabulary. After calling Gopal, I went to his home for borrowing it. Gopal easily takes it out from the bookshelf and hand it over to me. After reaching home, I realized that I needed to clean my book-self and Almira so that I could have the things organized and easily available. I realized that the gospel helps me a lot of time in a situation like this, but I should not borrow the things I already have. It is a bad habit to ask for things from a friend. Then I cleaned my bookshelf and found the book. After that, I went to return Gopal’s book and thanked him a lot for the help.

Follow Ups of Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Question 1. What part of teaching children should parents be responsible for?

Answer 1:- The most important part of life which helps children throughout their life is manners and values. Good manners and values will make a then good person.

Answer 2:- This is an interesting question; well, I think in this epoch parents have to teach about manners, discipline as well to their child. Because, in the future, these children will join the society.

Question 2. Should children learn how to share?

Answer 1:- Every child should be taught sharing because sharing will help them to learn the power of giving, kindness, and love.

Answer 2:- Of course, because by learning this, children can make and keep friends. It is necessary to be taught early so that this skill would become their permanent character.

Question 3. What is a good way to teach children to share things?

Answer 1:- The best method to teach children sharing is teaching them at home first. Encourage him to share his toys with his siblings. Then motivate them to do so in school and society.

Answer 2:- Actually, the perfect way to teach children about sharing is by practising often. We can start by talking to them about the importance of sharing.

Question 4. Do parents teach children to share things in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indian parents always try hard to teach the children ethics that will help them throughout life, and sharing is one of them.

Answer 2:- For sure, yes, older people here teach children to share since they are early, not just that, children also taught about how to use good manners and get along with other children.

Question 5. What kind of things are children being asked to share?

Answer 1:- Children’s items such as eatables, books and toys are being asked to share.

Answer 2:- Well, actually, I’m not sure about this, but if I have to say, I would say, any items, let say we ask them to share their toys and appease other children, it can enhance their empathy, increase their experiences and satisfaction of being kind to others.

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