Talk about something that you borrow from your friend

Talk about something that you borrow from your friend. You should say:

  • What was that?
  • From whom you borrowed it?
  • Why did you borrow it?

Sample 1:-

Well, A few times, a situation occurs when we have to borrow a thing from our friends such as a book, domestic things and so on.

And here I would like to talk about a time when I borrowed a bowl of sugar from my friend named Saba. She lives nearby my home, in my neighborhood. I explain it briefly. About one week ago, I was at my home due to the weekend. I was watching television.

Then, suddenly, my maternal uncle and aunt came to my home. Unfortunately, my loving mom went shopping before the arrival of my uncle and aunt. We both my sister and I were at home. We touched the feet of my uncle and aunt as well as got their blessings.

I requested them to sit and went into the kitchen. I brought water in the glasses for them to drink. But they demanded tea. I requested them to wait for a few minutes. Again I went to the kitchen to prepare tea. All the things were available in the kitchen which was required for making the tea. But I felt astounded when I saw that sugar container was empty. I had worried about it. Then I thought to borrow a bowl of sugar from my friend Saba.

I said to my sister to start to make tea. She started as I said to her. I went to Saba’s home and awared her about my problem. She smiled and gave me a bowl of sugar. I thanked her alot for helping me in such an emergency. I went back to my house. The tea was ready and I quickly added sugar in it. After it, I hurriedly served tea with snacks to my uncle and aunt.

When they drunk tea, they both appreciated me and my sister for making a tasty tea. All in all, my mother came back home. She sits with uncle and aunt. After the departure of uncle and aunt, I Said everything to my mom about borrowing a bowl of sugar. She felt proud on me to take the right decision in such a difficulty. So, that was the time when I borrowed something.

Sample 2:-

We all know that a single person cannot fulfill his needs because man is a social animal. He has to depend on others to fulfill his requirements and I must say It has been correctly said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” And today, I would like to share about a time when I borrowed a thing from my friend. I remember it was the time when I was doing a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. During my 4th semester, I got badly sick. So, I couldn’t attend lectures around a week.

So, after one week, I went to college. At that time, I needed all the notes, so that I completed my due study and I asked my friend to borrow his notes. In the meantime, he gave me his notes for 2 days and I made my own with the help of those notes. I felt lucky at that time. Those notes were really important for me because those were basic concepts of electrical engineering and to understood further study, I’ve to learned them, before.

So, This is the reason why I borrowed the notes from my friend. And I felt lucky having a friend like him, who helped me at that time which was really needed for me.

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