Talk about a equipment that was broken and you got repaired

Talk about equipment that was broken and you got repaired

You should say:

  • What was it?

  • How it was broken?

  • From where you got repaired?

Sample 1:-

Well, electronic products make a human being’s life more comfortable rather than past. I use a variety of electronic equipment in my home such as a freezer, an iron, television, Juicer, washing machine and so on. And here I would like to talk about equipment named Microwave oven which was out of order due to its loose wire. I got repaired it by calling to its company where it was made. I explain it briefly.

About a couple of week ago, In the evening time, my brother told me to bake a cake for him. I have good culinary skills. I usually cook food for my family. So, I started preparations to bake it.  I mixed each and every material which is required for a cake and made a batter for the cake.

After then, I pressed a switch of Microwave oven to heat up it. But unfortunately, oven stopped with a beep and switched off. I tried many times but all had gone in vain. It needed repair. I tried to repair it but  I was not able to do so.

Then, I recall that I have its warranty card. I called on the phone number which had given on the warranty card. Then, the company sent one electrician to repair a microwave oven. He repaired it. I asked him about the problem of the oven. He replied me the microwave was not working due to its loose wire.


I thanked him for this service. Then, I baked a cake for my brother. He ate it with excitement. So, that was the time, when I got repair electronic equipment.

Sample 2:-

Well! frankly speaking, I used so Many electronic items like different types of gadgets such as laptop, watches, computer, mobile phone and so on. luckily using these items makes my life easier than before. I don’t imagine my life without equipment if I lost any of them or broken down, it creates many problems for me for sure. Here, I would like to talk about my smart apple watch, which got damaged recently and I got it repaired from well-renowned showroom which is situated near my hometown.

actually, this watch is very close to me because it was gifted by my cousin on my last birthday. allow me to explain it briefly, in last summer vacations I went to Goa with my friends just for chill.on that time we visited to see the beauty of the coastal area. I had this watch on my left hand because I never went outside anywhere without wearing it.

suddenly, the watch had slipped from my wrist but I didn’t know about it. fortunately, one of my friends found it and he gave it to me. when I saw the condition of this watch was not good such as the mirror of the watch was broken and the chain of this watch was totally damaged. I felt really bad at that time because it is very close to my heart.

On that time, I  scared to tell about it to my family because it’s quite costly. however, the cost of this watch was not mattered for me because it’s a token of love for me. after 2 to 3 days later I gathered my courage and told everything to my parents. then, my father took it from me and got repaired it from apple showroom. by the God grace, it repaired within 3 weeks and I felt extremely happy to wear it again.





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