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Talk about your favorite country ielts exam

Talk about your favorite country (not your country).

Or a country you would like to visit in your future 


You should say:

Which country is it?





Well there are about 200 countries in the world and I like lot of them for different reasons.  However, my favourite country is Australia undoubtedly.



I am planning to go abroad to continue my further studies. I would love to go to Australia as soon as I complete my IELTS.



There are various reasons to like this country.


1 . First of all, Australia is developed country and it has everything which somebody can dream ofFor example, the per capita income is very high which means almost everyone is living a luxurious life. The life style is very advance and sophisticated.


2 . Moreover, the basic infrastructure and facilities are awesome.  People don’t have to worry about the basic necessities of life like water, electricity, food, shelter etc.  It is a compulsion for the Govt. to look after the needs of the masses.


3 . Furthermore, growth opportunities are brilliant. There are lots of job opportunities available for everyone and people can choose the work of their interest.


4 . To add to it, the educational setup is world class and pragmatic. It focuses on the practical aspects of life which can be useful for people in the future.


5 . Finally, it is a corruption and crime free country. People are living a fearless life. Less pollution is a cherry on the cake. 


All the above mentioned reasons make Australia a favourite destination not only for me but for billions of people around the world.


Follow-up questions

1 . Why students are moving to developed foreign countries for studies

2 . What are the benefits of visiting a foreign county?

3 . What kind of problems one can face in a foreign country

4 . What is brain drain?

5 . What are the disadvantages of it?

6 . What can be done to stop it?



1 . Why patience is necessary?

2 . Do you have patience?

3 . When was the last time you lost your patience?

4 . How did you control yourself?

5  . Do you lose your patience when people are late?

6 .  What do you do when you wait for a bus?

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