Talk about a historical period you want to know more about

Talk about a historical period/time you want to know more about

You should say:

  • What event it is?

  • When did it happen?

  • Who or what was involved in it?

Sample 1:-

Well, I live in India which is a diverse country. There are many particular dates in India’s history such as 15th August as independence day, 26th January as Constitution day, 2nd October as Gandhi Jayanti and so on.

But here I would like to talk about a historical time or period which is related to martyr Shaheed Bhagat Singh. I read about him in an article which had published in a newspaper. He was the freedom fighter of India who fought with the British government before the freedom of India. His death date is 23rd March which has been celebrating as a national holiday in Punjab state.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was very brave and confident since his childhood. He wanted to do something to get freedom from the British government. He joined Freedom Association which did various activities to defeat British officers. In this, he met with two other freedom fighters named Sukhdev and Rajguru.

These three made a plan and threw the bomb in an assembly in Lahore. This explosion was never for killing anyone because it was only thrown to put lacs of screams of Indians in the ears of the British government. After this explosion, they did not run from there and arrested by British officers. Court Punished them and ordered them to hand them. After this, Indian people got awareness and started a fight against the British government to go back to their country, Britain. As a result of it, India got freedom in 1947.


On 23rd March, several functions organize in India, especially in Punjab. Also In my school, a programme organizes every year to recall the memories of martyr Bhagat Singh. I visit over there each year and gain knowledge about Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

All in all, this date is special in India’s history because it is related to a great martyr Shaheed Bhagat Singh who helped us to get freedom from cruel British officers. I believe, everyone should be like that brave martyr.

Eventually, Now, I would like to know more about that historical time. I am planning to go to the library from where I shall borrow a book of Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Biography. I shall do it as soon as possible.

Sample 2:-

Well! To be honest, history had never been my favorite subject. But, I am a person, who believes in Sikh religion. So, the month of December always fascinated me a lot because this is the month when the whole family of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the society. Furthermore, Guru ji’s family includes their four sons, mother and also numerous fighters who being sacrifice lives by the Mughal Emperor.

Firstly, I have heard about it form my Grand parents in my childhood. They often told me about happenings’, three hundreds ago during the period of Guru ji’s. Also, in my school days, I read history where ever I found more information about it. Actually, this is from where I have aroused my interest in that era. Moreover, I have watched movies such as 4 Sahibzaade, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur which are based on that period. This period also shows that patriotism among dewellers was huge because many people fight for their religion, humanity until their death. They embrace happily for the humanity and welfare of people.

Talk about a historical period you want to know more about

I vividly remember that I read things about this in my history book when I was in school. Thus, the information in that book was not sufficient to know everything about that event. So, it was my grandfather from where I knew everything about all the events. And how difficult was it to survive in Mughal’s era. That information was more profound than in a books.To wrap up, I can say that period give us a lesson of patriotism, humanity is my interesting historical event.


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