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Talk about a thing you complained about something

Talk about a thing you complained about something

You should say:

Talk about a thing you complained about something

Sample 1:-

Well, a few people used to complain about little issues. I am not like them. I always try to be comfortable in every situation.
But here I would like to talk about a time when I had complained to a hotel manager about bad food service. I explain it briefly.
About a couple of weeks ago, I went to a restaurant for dinner with my family. I had organized a party for my family members as a treat of birthday. I had booked a family dining table in advance via phone call. We were all excited about this dinner. When we reached there, I was astounded that there were not many people available. It is a  famous hotel which has been crewing with many people all the time. We sit on the chairs. We all persons ordered food according to our choice.
The food order took place on the dining table. We started to eat it. I was being astonished that food all food items pizza, french fries and so on were chilled. A bad scent was coming from one food item named Rice Pudding. Besides it, no waiter gave us water with the food. I got angry.
I went into the cabin of the hotel manager and complained about such a bad quality of food service. I said to him that I commonly go there to have a meal but unfortunately I feel so shocked about this thing. The manager apologized to me. He came to the kitchen of the hotel and scolded all the staff of the hotel for bad food service.
He was apologizing to me again and again. He said to the waiter to take food back and asked them to provide a good food service. The second time, the food was delicious and we enjoyed it. After having dinner, we came back to my home.
All in all that was the time when complained about something which I did not like.

Sample 2:-

Well, A hotel lost your reservation for your vacation. You got an awful haircut at the salon. Your client missed a major deadline. It’s normal to feel frustrated or even angry when these things happened. Well, today, I have asked to talk about a thing that I complained about something. I would like to talk about an incident happened to me, couple of months ago. It was the time when I and my family planned our vacation for two weeks. I had paid a lot of money for a vacation abroad. So, I consulted a travel agency to discuss our flight and hotel arrangements.

But when we arrived at the airport we find out that the travel agency made several mistakes with our flight and hotel arrangements. And when I realized that we couldn’t able to arrive at our destination until the next day afternoon while we had a tour scheduled the next day morning. It made me so angry and totally excitement of our vacation.

Furthermore, I called the travel agency consultant and talked to him rudely that what is this? Why did you not inform us before? But when he explained to me everything, then I asked him about the alternative of it. Immediately, I felt sorry and say that I am really very disappointed with the mistakes of my flight and hotel arrangements. Please understand my situation that I have a scheduled tour tomorrow morning. Could you make the necessary rectification, please? He understood my problem and started to do arrange everything quickly. So, this was the thing that I had complained about.


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