Talk about an own thing which would like to remove

Talk about an own thing which would like to remove

You should say:

What is that thing?

Why do you want to change it?

Talk about an own thing which would like to remove

Sample 1:-

Everyman has a plethora of things in his life which are may be very useful or some things are not. Sometimes, people want to remove old things because it might become unimportant for them. Here, I would like to talk about a thing which I want to remove. It is an old bookcase. I bought it 7 years ago from ” Lara Furniture Shop”. It is made of wood. I really fond of reading books and magazines, so I purchased it. I took a plethora of books on it. It has four shelves to keep books or anything other. When I purchased this bookcase, it really mesmerized me with a mirror on the front of it but, now its condition is very bad. Except for the mirror, the whole bookcase has spoiled because of fungus.

moreover, the three shelves have broken and now, I cannot keep my books as well as, magazines in this bookcase. By the way, I have one another bookcase which has made of iron. I can keep books in the new one. I like and I will really do it. I have kept the old bookcase till now because I bought it with my first job salary but, now I feel sad as well to remove it. But, I can use its mirror and set it up on the front of the iron made bookcase. Further more, I will feel quite good after removing the old bookcase.

Sample 2:-

Well, there are a number of things which I want to remove such as my red colored gown, a cover of my sunglasses, a pair of earrings and so on. But here I would like to talk about that thing, a computer which is useless for me and I like to remove it from my life due to some reasons. I explain it briefly.

Actually, I have a laptop which I purchased about six months ago from a reputed showroom named “supreme Infosys”. Besides, I have an old computer with the old version of the processor. I had bought this computer about 5 years ago during my teenage.

The computer’s processor is very slow and it had a little scratch on its screen.No one uses it in the present time. Moreover, its internal memory is very small and I just keep a limited amount of data in it. I am working in a Web Designing company named “The Creative Minds”.

So, I have to store a lot of data on my computer but I cannot able to do so. Due to this reason I have purchased a laptop for my convenient. Apart from it, I cannot carry my bulky computer with me when going for work.

Because on my workplace, the manager of The Creative Minds company has made a rule that every employee should have their own laptop during work over there. All in all, I would like to remove this computer forever.

Sample 3:-

I know everyone should cherish their talents and not complain about their weaknesses. My personal thought is rather than blaming yourself about own deficiencies, why don’t you put some efforts to change it or remove it, fully. I also believe that complaining about your own disability means insolence yourself. Well, Today I have asked to talk about an own thing which would like to remove. So, If I would like to remove my own thing, I could probably change a personality trait. I would like to explain briefly.

There are a lot of people telling me, I need to slow down a little. People around me always complain that I am walking too fast, I am working fast, I’m eating fast and do everything very fast. They are always asking me why I’m always in a hurry.

Even, If an event is happening at 5 pm, I have to leave at 3 pm because I think, there may be a traffic jam or I will get late for the event. Moreover, If I arrive at 4:50 pm then also, I think that I’m late and I am constantly telling my friends to walk faster. Because of this habit, I always put a lot of pressure on my family and friends.

I want to change it for some occasions. So, I will enjoy my life with my friends and family as well.


Talk about an own thing which would like to remove

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