Talk about a time when you wear sunglasses ieltsfever

Talk about a time when you wear sunglasses ieltsfever

You should say:

  • When it was?

  • Why did you wear it?

  • explain the reason behind it?

Sample 1:-

Well! there are a variety of sunglasses available in the market. One person can choose it as his or her requirement. Many peoples use eyes contact lenses to avoid sunglasses. But  I wear sunglasses in my daily routine. I have two pairs of sunglasses.

When I wore sunglasses for the first time, then I started wearing them inside the home. But now I know that we use it outside the house. To be honest, there are some reasons for this. I explain it briefly.

The main reason behind using sunglasses is preventing eyes from the excessive heat of the sun. During the summer season, I wear dark blue glasses which help me to protect my eyes from the highest brightness of the sun. As we all know that it is really difficult to look clearly during the day time when the sun shows its scorching heat. At that time, only sunglasses can give relief from this problem.

Moreover, the ultraviolet ray contains harmful materials which are detrimental to human eyes. But when someone wears sunglasses, the eyes can be protected. I know very well that the ultraviolet rays of the sun might become the cause of weak eyesight.


Furthermore, I wear it during driving a bike. Sunglasses protect my eyes from insects in the evening time. I remember an incident when I was driving my bike without wearing sunglasses. Then, an insect named hormet suddenly hit on my left eye and bite me. I had too much pain at that time. I faced difficulty to reach my home.

All in all, it has become my companion on the way. Because when I go outside home, then I carry it in my jean’s pocket. As well,  it gives me a fashionable look. I always like to wear them.


Question: What are the main reasons for wearing sunglasses?

Answer: Nowadays, everyone wearing sunglasses because it is trend wearing sunglasses with matching dress and shirts. It is very helpful to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and dust particles. It is also useful for those persons they are facing wrinkles and swelling eyes problems. It is also useful during driving on sunny days.

Question: Do you think more young people wear sunglasses nowadays than in the past? why?

Answer: Definitely, nowadays all folks wear sunglasses as compared to the past because now everyone knows about fashion and they are health conscious. they sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays as well as, dust particles and other problems which are dangerous for eyes. It is also a thing of fashion and, all folks and kids wear sunglasses with matching dresses. Everybody easily buys sunglasses because, these are not expensive and humans have two and more sunglasses at home.

Question: Have you ever sunglasses as a gift to someone?

Answer: Yes, I remember last year, I gave reebok sunglasses to my cousin and he loved those sunglasses as well as, he has a huge collection of all companies sunglasses. he always uses my gifted sunglasses, when he goes outside for shopping, parties and many more special occasions.

Question: Where and how do you usually do your normal shopping?

Answer: I love shopping and it is a wonderful task for me when I shop for food I always go to easy day because this store is near to my house and, I buy all eatable thing and vegetables in one store. When I shop for clothes, shoes and other useable things, I go to the mega-mart mall which is located in the center of my hometown. I always buy my clothes and kitchen stiff as well as, the quality of things are also good at the normal price. There are a lot of new brands available. When I free from my work I visit in this mall with my mother and friends for a good choice.


.Talk about a time when you wear sunglasses ieltsfever

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