Teenagers Are Spending an Increasing Amount of Time on The Internet: Writing Task 2

Teenagers are spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet, and this is having a negative effect on their social skills. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Teenagers Are Spending an Increasing Amount of Time on The Internet: Writing Task 2

It is an irrefutable fact that adolescents are spending huge amounts of time browsing the internet, which is causing a serious threat to their communication skills in this contemporary epoch. In my perspective, I vehemently accord with the given assertion, and I will explicate my stance with credible illustrations in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Scrutinizing the given statement and elaborating further, minors are spending excess time on the internet, which eventually impacts their social well-being. It makes them have minimal conversations with their friends. They prefer to chat or text with one another on a plethora of social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp rather than having face-to-face discussions. Nowadays, the majority of high school students lack fundamental knowledge of having appropriate conversations with teachers and neighbours and are becoming introverted due to the excessive usage of the internet. They feel petrified to address a group of people since it is challenging for them to talk relentlessly for a few minutes. Hence, adolescents are facing difficulties in having regular conversations with others since they merely converse with one another through text messages.

Probing ahead, teenagers are unable to have proper conversations with their own families. Immediately after coming back to their homes, they commence playing games on the internet. If parents try to talk with their wards, they ignore them abruptly. Furthermore, these adolescents might lose reverence for elders and take them for granted. Additionally, elders can deviate their offspring from spending excess time on the internet. To exemplify, parents should provide some kind of sports equipment to their children such that they can involve in extracurricular activities and learn how to socialize with the public. Thus distraction is the optimal way to ensure that minors spend fewer hours on cutting-edge technologies.

Taking everything into consideration, minors are facing tremendous pessimistic effects in terms of less communication with peers and other members of society as they spend long hours surfing on the internet. This must be forbidden by their parents, and juveniles can spend the same time by involving in several outdoor activities.

Sample 2 Teenagers Are Spending an Increasing Amount of Time on The Internet: Writing Task 2

The internet is irrefutably taking over the world, and this is taking up enough time for teenagers on an increased level, undoubtedly having a negative impact on their social life. I agree with this. This essay will focus on some effects this is having on adolescents’ lives.

In the first place, there is diverted attention among the teens during seminars as a result of being actively online looking at captivating items, which takes their attention from the ongoing programs. For instance, a high school student focuses on his phone when using the internet during lectures and may skip some vital points made by the lecturer. Consequently, this act is of no doubt has a very bad result on teenagers.

Moreover, the maximum amount of time spent on the internet by teenagers has raised the influence of peer pressure among them. This is because most people tend to showcase their wealth and high-quality goods and belongings on the internet for fame, and this attracts the teenagers on the higher rise altering their relationships with others which declines their social relationships. For example, a girlfriend to a poor boyfriend who is intimidated by the good life of others being posted on the internet becomes frustrated and thus intends to gain such things from her boyfriend, and this breaks the relationship eventually. This has caused many relationships to collapse.

To conclude, the internet has had many negative impacts on teenagers as they continue to spend most of their time using the internet, resulting in diverted attention during seminars and increased peer pressure.

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