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The Bar Chart Shows the Monthly Spending in Dollars of A Family in The USA

The Bar Chart Shows the Monthly Spending in Dollars of A Family in The USA (1)

The bar chart shows the monthly spending in dollars of a family in the USA on three items in 2010.

The bar chart illustrates dollars consumed by families in three different categories in four months in 2010.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart the highest monthly expenditure by the family in the US was on clothing in April, while in January, clothing was the least popular item among the individuals.

In detail, the average expenditure line was stable in the first two months nearby, at $370, and nominal inclination was observed and surged by above $400 in March. Therefore, this ratio gradually declined below $300 in the final month. Turning to the details, families in the USA spent approximately $500 on the food section, which soared by nearly five $580 in February. However, in March, individuals were not interested in the food section, and outlay plummeted to nearly $400 in 2010. moreover, this consumption took a nosedive to $300 in April month.

Furthermore, there was some fluctuation observed in the clothing section. In the US, approximately $200 was utilised by families on closing at the beginning of the year, and this amount skyrocketed to nearly $600 in February. After that, in March, only 340 dollars were spent by an individual on the clothing section. Interestingly, this number hit its peak in April of more than $600 used on clothing items. Therefore, gas was the most prominent source among the family in the USA, beginning at nearly $370 spent on gas, and this value plunged to approximately $200. After a month, this ratio climbed and reached $580 used on the gas section.

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