The Best Curriculum Is Not One Based on A Static Body of Knowledge: Writing Task 2

The best curriculum is not one based on a static body of knowledge but one that teaches students to cope with change. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1

It is considered good for school syllabus to make their learners able to fight with the changing times, and it must not only be based on imparting knowledge to them. I completely agree with it because it will make their survival possible and remove conservative attitudes by allowing them to accept change, which is beneficial for them.

First, the school curriculum equips pupils to combat any change, which is good for students’ growth. Firstly, according to the changing needs of modern society, learners will be able to exhibit their skills and knowledge, which might be helpful in earning bread and butter for them. They will not hesitate to do any kind of job because they have been taught in such a way that attitude assists them in adjusting to any place. Thus they can lead their life smoothly on this planet. For example, students who have learnt various skills, namely: cooking, computer and soft skills, do not find any obstacle in their way of securing employment even in this cut-throat competition.

Furthermore, the school syllabus helps individuals change their perception of society. Some learners are very traditional in views and do not easily accept change and always oppose change. Therefore, the school curriculum focuses on their harmonious growth, such as emotional, social, physical and mental. From the very start, the curriculum emphasizes making them a balanced personality. This attitude turns their personality, and in their later period of life, they do whatever they can to make their society run with the changing times. They discard conservative ideas and welcome change.

To conclude, it is apparent that the school syllabus must teach the learners to make adjustments whenever necessary to survive on this planet. Of course, it is helpful for them to accept change by eliminating traditional ideas to run smoothly with modern times.

Sample 2

one’s life. It is argued that the most effective curriculum must not only be based on the theoretical aspects of the concepts but must also include practical skills such as the ability to deal with new situations. Just like the people who support this view, I also completely agree with the above-mentioned statement, and in the upcoming paragraphs, I will highlight the reasons for my agreement.

The 21st century is a competitive era, and in today’s world, if anyone wants to excel, they must have both practical and theoretical Knowledge. Unlike in the past, now it is impossible to get high remuneration without skills. One must have the ability to deal with difficult situations which arise in business or in a job. Students learn these skills only if they are exposed in school to such scenarios and learn to be patient in new situations and concentrate on finding solutions without panicking. These kinds of skills are not only useful in the work environment but also in unforeseen situations in life. For instance, if there is a fire in a building and if students are taught the practical method of how to use a fire extinguisher, they can save their own and other people’s lives. Still, if they only know theory and do not know how to use it in an emergency, then that theoretical Knowledge is useless.

Furthermore, in an advanced technological era, it is possible to teach concepts easily to children because of audio-visual aids. Students can easily remember the concept if they learn about the practical use of the concepts they are studying. This has two advantages: firstly, they do not have to mug up anything, and secondly, they can use this knowledge in future. To cite an example, If the concepts of mirrors and reflections are not only taught to the students, but they are allowed to practically do those things in the lab, they can easily understand how binoculars work, and by this, they can also learn critical thinking with which they can invent something new.

Unfortunately, many teachers and schools are still following the method and the curriculum designed by the government bodies and this curriculum is not revised regularly. As a result, pupils learn the concepts which are no longer in use, or they study the concepts but do not know how to apply them in actual scenarios. Many parents also want their children to simply pass the exam with good grades; hence, they also promote mugging up concepts. However, this practice is not useful when children leave school and enter competitive fields. So, in the long run, a curriculum which helps students to use the Knowledge they studied in the past is definitely much more valuable than only static Knowledge about concepts.

To conclude, Knowledge is power but only when one knows how to use this power in difficult situations and this can be taught to them by their teachers in school. Hence, instead of this, schools must focus on the curriculum, which teaches practical skills along with the theoretical concepts, since that is what schools are meant to do, isn’t it?

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