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The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers: Writing Task 2

The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers Writing Task 2

The best way to make the road transport of goods safer is to ask drivers to take a driving test each year. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1

Road transportation infrastructure plays a significant role in managing the country conveniently, and it helps reduce the numerous problems and incidents that happen regularly over the roads. Therefore, one possible solution is to improve road transportation conditions by conducting and testing drivers yearly. However, I agree with the statement and would like to explain it at length in the coming paragraphs.

First, it is implicit that numerous incidents occur on roads due to the drivers’ lack of performance and skills. This means operators cannot follow the rules and regulations while driving vehicles on Main Road. As a result, they get involved in terrible accidents. According to them, pilots need a secure lesson on going to get the update and become familiar with the new transport policies. This leads drivers to quickly enhance their abilities and draw their intention to safety first on roads. For instance, according to a report by Hindustan Times, thousands of incidents occur on roads because of the unprofessional DriverDriver, which they didn’t renew their driving license on add it, conducting a test of every DriverDriver reminds the importance of law and protocols while operating heavy vehicles on the highways.

Furthermore, the cited example is why drivers should give a yearly test as a synonym for checking their physical fitness. To be more precise, the health of an individual significantly gets changes anytime which can deteriorate anywhere and also face somebody disorders such as heart attacks eyesight problems and much more which Drivers unable to considerin their life so that test would help to find the actual problem inside the body and cure them quickly, for example, last year in the US there were around 40% of accidents held on the road due to lack of physical test. Hence it is inevitable to check physical well-being at least once a year by giving the driving exam.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the test has to find the actual performance of the DriverDriver and save the further incident with proper instructions.

Sample 2

Many items are being transported through; cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles on the road, hence the notion that for the safe transport of our goods, all drivers in control of these vehicles should take a test of competence in driving annually. However, other factors like the durability of cars and good roads are also required. I support the notion that driver’s skills should be accessed regularly.

To ensure that goods and items are moved safely on the road, the condition of vehicles and streets needs to be considered. Is there a good road transport network? Can this bus, car or lorry carry the weight of these goods? Is this vehicle in good condition? I believe these questions and more need to be asked before transporting goods in vehicles via road. For example, while transporting goods from rural to urban areas in Peru, results show that most goods perish due to poor roads and vehicles malfunctioning.

Nevertheless, the importance of accessing the driving skills of all drivers regularly for the safety of our goods cannot be overemphasized, in the presence of excellent and smooth roads and vehicles that are functioning optimally, If a driver is still lacking in skills problems are bound to happen. A competent and skilful driver can even overcome the obstacles of poor roads. In the US, at least 20% of truck drivers fail their driving tests annually, which negatively affects the safety of our goods. Hence conducting driving tests for truck drivers from time to time is essential for the protection of our interests.

In Conclusion, Safe roads and trucks in good conditions can improve the safety of our goods, but I concur that these items can be much safer if the driving skills of truck drivers are accessed annually or more frequently.

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