The Chart and Graph Below Give Information About Sales and Share Prices for Coca-Cola

The chart and graph below give information about sales and share prices for Coca-Cola. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

The chart and graph below give information about sales and share prices for Coca-Cola

The pie chart depicts the percentage of Coca-Cola’s sales in 5 different markets, while the line graph illustrates the share price over six years, commencing from 1996.

Overall, North America was Coca-Cola’s biggest market in 2000, and this company’s share price fluctuated significantly from 1996 to 2001.

It is evident that North Americans bought a huge volume of Coca-Cola’s products, generating 30.4% amongst all. Subsequently, Latin America was reported to be the second-largest market, with almost a quarter of the total sales. This was followed by 20.5% and 16.4% in Europe and Asia respectively. In contrast, Africa and Middle East countries were not successful markets for Coca-Cola due to its low percentages of sales, only 7 per cent.

Regarding the firm’s share price, it was approximately $40 per share in 1996, hitting its lowest point in 6 years. Two years later, this brand’s trading price on the share market witnessed a significant increase, almost twice at the starting point and reached its peak at $80. After 1998, the share price decreased dramatically until the year 2000 (not more than $50). However, this trend changed and climbed back to nearly $60 per share at the end of the period.

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