The Chart Shows British Emigration to Selected Destinations Between 2004 and 2007: AC Writing Task 1

The chart shows British Emigration to selected destinations between 2004 and 2007.

The chart shows British Emigration to selected destinations between 2004 and 2007

The bar chart delineates the ratio of British people who moved overseas over three years.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart the that highest number of British natives expatriate themself in Australia and Spain was the second-largest destination for them.

In detail, British immigrants chose the country of Australia to begin at 40,000 in 2004, and this amount declined nearby 2000 after one year. Following these, 51,000 people shifted to Australia in 2006, and the ratio fluctuated, limited to approximately 43,000 individuals who got settled in the final year. Moreover, 33,000 people got settled down in the nation of Spain, and this strength remained the same in two years, but a little inclination was observed and plunged to below 30,000 in 2007.

Furthermore, British people were not comfortable to move New Zealand beginning at 22,000 in 2004, but this amount continuously declined, and 20,000 people remained in this country in 2007. therefore in 2004 British people adopt the culture of the USA starting at nearly 23000 thousand, and this value plummeted below the 20,000 in 2005 a small inclination observes at 24,000 and end up with 20,000 of people departure to the USA. Next in France also had fluctuated number of movers started at 22,000 and this value spiked above at 30,000 and took a nose dive again at 19,000 approximately in 2007.

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