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The Charts Show Information About the Number of Kilometres Travelled in An Average Month

The Charts Show Information About the Number of Kilometres Travelled in An Average Month

The charts show information about the number of kilometres travelled in an average month and the distribution of vehicle types in Britain.

The chart illustrates the distance of kilometres covered by travelling in three different mods over 20 years and the pie chart depicts the number of vehicles issued in Britain.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from both charts that maximum distance was covered with transport & delivery. Meanwhile, cars were the most popular vehicle and had the highest sales over the years.

In detail, the highest kilometres travelled for transport and delivery began at nearby 6500 km in 1990, surprisingly this ratio skyrocketed by 15,00 km and hit its peak at an explosive 8000 km in 1995 following this ratio was remained unchanged for next five years. Unfortunately, this trend turned negative and plummeted to 7,000 km in 2005, next by five years, and this number went down sharply to hit bottom at 6000 km in the final year. Moreover, 3000 km were covered by people in a month with a personal purpose in 1990, and this value is steadily fairly inclined at 3500 km after a slight recovery this number got crashed at 3000 km 2010. therefore, around 1900 km was done by commuters in 1990, and this number remained the same for the next 15 years, but this value rose to about 500 km in 2010.

Furthermore, according to the sales of vehicle types in 1990 the highest mode of transport was Car which issued with shares at 63% in 1980 but this number got declined by 4% after 20 years. Following this, 25% of trucks were distributed in 1994 generalities this rate increased by 5% after 20 years in Britain. It is interesting to note that the rest three modes of vehicles had a minor distribution in 20 years which were buses, motorcycles and others, with shares at 6%, 9% and 2% in 1990. Still, this number had slight changes at 5% of buses 3% of motorcycles in the last only 3% of other vehicles distributed in 2010.

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