The Diagram Details the Process of Making Wool: AC Writing

The Diagram Details the Process of Making Wool. Summarise the Information by Selecting and Reporting the Main Features and Making Comparisons Where Relevant.

The diagram details the process of making wool

The given process diagram illustrates the manufacturing of carpets, jackets, and balls of yarn for making cloth from sheep’s hair.

Overall, the process diagram reveals that the entire procedure of creating jackets and carpets consists of nine stages, beginning with shaving the ship’s hair and ending with perfect jackets and carpets.

To begin with, sheep at a farm or farmland are shaved by an individual; before drying the sheep’s hair, it goes through the cleaning process. Then, dry hair is spun in a spinning machine, and at this stage, two different things come out: string and wool. Strings go to recycling.

As for the wool, it is tied together and becomes tufts of wool, and it is stored in tuft storage. After that, a ball of yarn is created from the tuft of wool. Finally, with yarn, two different types of products are made: carpets and jackets, and with yarn, people can create cloaths of their own.

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