The Diagram Gives Information About The Process For Making Pulp and Paper

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The diagram gives information about the process of making pulp and paper. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. You should write at least 150 words.

The diagram gives information about the process for making pulp and paper

The given diagram depicts the process for making a slurry, thereafter steps involved in the production of paper and the formation of bales and rolls of paper for printing.
To make pulp, certain trees are cut from the forest for a requirement of logs. Then, it is further crushed in the chipping wheel and moves to a large container which has to be at the bottom. In this container, crushed wood is added with some purchased chips and mixed properly. The unwanted substances are removed from the nobe and the formed slurry is passed through the washer for the formation of a pulp screen. From the pulp screen, the clean pulp is transported to a number of manufacturing units for the formation of products such as bales and boxes.

For the formation of bales, the clean pulp from the industry is poured into a machine to form a pulp of the required consistency. The liquid pulp is passed through a dryer which consists of belts. The wet pulp is in the form of a thin sheet passed through the dryer to be moistureless. The reels of pulp are made and are cut into the required dimensions with the use of a pulp cutter for the production of the final product, that is paper bales.

For the formation of paper rolls, firstly clean pulp is passed through a pulp cleanser if it consists of any impurities. Secondly, the cleaned pulp is dried under the dryer and passed through the pulp presser. This presser consists of four wheels, among which three are arranged in an inverted triangle and one is between the opposite side of two wheels. As the dried pulp passes through the presser it presses through the pressure of wheels and takes formation like a thin paper. This paper is further passed between two pairs of wheels such that if paper passes it pressurizes for the thickness of the paper. These sheets are dried so that moisture should not be left and converted into rolling sheets. These produced products from producers are sold to a customer through shopkeepers.

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