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The Diagrams Below Show Some Principles of House Design for Cool and For Warm Climates: AC Writing Task 1

The Diagrams Below Show Some Principles of House Design for Cool and For Warm Climates AC Writing Task 1 (1) (1)

The diagrams below show some principles of house design for cool and for warm climates.  Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram illustrates the corpus of layouts the houses will be constructed for two seasons, warm and cool.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the blueprint of the house in a warm climate has a special pattern with a different function in day and night time and windows play a significant role for better ventilation a night, while in cool-season the high angled roof design is more prominent to reserve the heat inside of the house.

To begin with, there is two principal for keeping the house cool; firstly, in the daytime, the roof will be made from reflective material with overhangs for a shade, and insulation will be attached to the bottom and top for the hot air to keep outside. Following this, two windows will be constructed in the direction west and east; the nighttime process has nominal changes with the help of ventilation from windows stored heat will be thrown out from inside the house.

Furthermore, in a cool climate, the pattern or house will be manufactured with a high angle roof in a slope direction and cover all the structure with an insulation coat. It is interesting to note that thermal building material will be used to preserve the heat inside, and one window should be open from the east side for sunlight to enter.

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