Describe a Time When You Moved Into a New House/ School

Describe a time when you moved into a new house/ School; You should say

When do you move?
Why do you move?
Where do you move to?
How do you feel about it?

Sample 1

I would like to talk about the time I moved to a new school. At that time, I was 15 years old, I completed my 10th grade, and my 10th marks were very less, so the school that I studied till then wanted me to leave the school because usually, they will reduce the total number of students in the 11th grade. That means the students who have scored good marks can only continue in that school. So we have planned to change the school for 11th grade, and one of my old friends said that the school she is learning is one of the best schools and she recommended that school for me so I went to that school for study 11 and 12 standards. I can still remember the first day of that school, and I was so terrified because I was meeting new people, new Staff, and an entirely new environment. I took computer science subject in my 11 standards, when I entered the class, I saw very few girls there were a lot of boys because very few girls took that computer science subject. I was very much afraid and entered the class. I just sat on the first bench, and surprisingly all the students were very friendly to me from the very start. They talked to me, and they took care of me the entire day. I was very happy after that when I left the school I came to my house and expressed how happy I was meeting new people to my parents.

Sample 2

It was ten years back in the year 2013. When I moved to another house reason being my movement was marriage. I needed to change my place. Luckily the city was the same but area got changed. I was staying in a normal area where people were friendly with each other. And my new house was in high-class society. Where to see someone going is also a mistake. Initially, for me, this change was so bad that I was not able to understand people around there as well the home where I was staying. They all were busy in their busy schedule. They even don’t have time to talk with one another. Also at my place, if something got finished and you need to take in from neighbors we can do that but in a new house that was prohibited. We can not ask for anything. So all this was difficult for me when I changed the house.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time When You Moved Into a New House/ School

Question 1:- Why do people move to a new home?

Answer 1:- There are basically 2/3 reasons for the change, like a marriage than buying a new house. And sometimes separation force to get changed and finally if they got the job in another city or country or for educational purpose.

Answer 2:- There are two reasons why people move to a new house. They must have either built a new house for their own, or they wanted to live in a house that has more space than their existing house.

Question 2:- What problems will people face after moving to a new place?

Answer 1:- They do not know anything about the new place that might be totally new to them. Sometimes no idea about the area, culture, getting a job, knowledge about the nearby area.

Answer 2:- People face difficulty mingling with their neighbors. And they might not know much about their new surroundings. I believe the most difficult part after moving to a new house is arranging all their things in that house. It takes a lot of time.

Question 3:- How do people solve these problems?

Answer 1:- As time passes, this problem can be solved. I start searching they will get a job, good institute for study—places where they can by routine required stuff. So as by trying to know the place, all becomes easy to find, and this problem can be solved.

Answer 2:- People can invite their friends or family members to help them to arrange their things. They can also share food with their neighbors to introduce themselves. It will be a very good start to have a good relationship with their neighbors.

Question 4:- Is it good to move to a new place frequently? Why?

Answer 1:- No. As all the problems are created every time. Also, if a child is perusing their schools, they may face more problems than the elders as an elder can get adjust with the situation easily but for kids to be adjusted in work culture is difficult.

Answer 2:- In my opinion, it is not good to move to new places frequently. Because people usually take time to adapt themselves to an environment. If they move to new places, often they can find it difficult to adapt themselves.

Question 5:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the same place?

Answer 1:- The benefit is no need to adjust with anyone as they know each other, the place is friendly, so there is no need for elders to come along if they want to go somewhere. The drawback is that I can’t see the world. If one does not come out from one place, they will not know anything about another city or place.

Answer 2:- The advantages are the relationship with their neighbors will be pretty good. The people will also know about their nearby places like the shops, school, bus stops, etc. The only disadvantage is that they will not be able to meet new people.

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