The Education of Young People Is a Top Priority in All Countries of The World

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The education of young people is a top priority in all countries of the world. Some people believe that educating adults who cannot read or write is essential to society and needs more funding. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:-The Education of Young People Is a Top Priority in All Countries of The World

It is mostly believed that illiterate grownups are important to society and need more financial backing to train them. In my opinion, it would expose adults to the use of technological devices and enable them to socialize in any environment they find themselves.

Firstly, educating an adult is an essential key that plays a vital role in their lives. As an individual age, he or she gets exposed to new things in their society and even issues relating to their health. It would be important if they are trained and exposed to the use of technological instruments such as digital thermometers, glucometers, sphygmomanometers, phones, and computers that can aid with updates of information relating to their health. For instance, when a literate adult of 70years experiences signs of high blood pressure, he would research to have a fair knowledge of the condition, and the availability of the sphygmomanometer would help him to constantly check on his blood pressure before getting access to a nearby hospital for adequate consultation and drug treatment from a doctor. This would lead to low death rates in the society.

Another reason why adults need education is to enable socialization. Due to the movement of people from all walks of life, education helps adults to learn different languages. Through languages, people socialize, leading to good relationships. To illustrate this, an educated adult Chinese woman who becomes a refugee in Cote D’Ivoir is able to understand and interpret the French language communicated to her. Such refugee is able to stay in the country and establish good relationships with the Ivorians, creating a sense of harmony, leading to the benefit of the Chinese refugee.

To conclude, I agree adults need more education and financial support to expose them to the use of technological devices and encourage socialization in every society they find themselves.

Sample 2:-The Education of Young People Is a Top Priority in All Countries of The World

Although higher studies of youth in all nations are vital but denying basic education to illiterate adults is absurd even though it costs a lot.
I disagree with this notion of discouraging educating adults due to a higher budget and will present my thoughts to elaborate and justify my stand.

Education is a fundamental right of every citizen. A nation must allot enough funds for the basic schooling of the children of a country. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s citizens and leaders. They must be a horn with decision-making skills and govern the country. The development and progression depend upon their contribution to the economy and entrepreneurship. For instance, India is one of the largest democracies and has a humongous population. Makes every effort to school the underprivileged by introducing free meals, uniforms, and schoolbooks, despite its cost.

Relatively when we look at the crowd, the adults who, for unknown reasons, have missed elementary schooling and are in society are left out to fend for themselves. Being citizens of the country, it is their fundamental right to basic education. Which I strongly believes that government should make efforts to educate them on at least the basic so they can learn to read and write. By doing this, the people will be elevated from their poverty-stricken conditions and can well contribute to the booming economy. They cannot be left out, irrespective of their backgrounds or reasons for dropouts. Among them can be inventors and skilled individuals who will rise to their potential if identified and motivated with education.

To illustrate, Bangladesh ran a program to provide basic schooling to all the seniors who had dropped out. By doing this, the economy excelled with the senior’s major contribution. Therefore, its highly possible that the government may initially lose out on funds to educate the adults, but in the long run, it will reap many benefits economically, and the social fabric will be balanced.

Sample 3:-The Education of Young People Is a Top Priority in All Countries of The World

Nowadays everything can be done by technology in the world and to develop or use it younger people must complete their studies. Some people argue that society requires more funds to educate the younger people who don’t know how to write or read. I agree with the statement, and I will describe it from both views in this essay.

On the one hand, As per the current government records, most younger people are completing their studies, and in many countries, they are providing free education. But there will be problems in small towns or in villages because some people are not aware of the technology and its importance of it. So it will be a very good idea to increase the funding of the society to provide education to the needed younger. If everyone is educated, then In the future it will give greater benefits to grow their self and also to society. So every society should raise some funds for it.

On the other hand, Firstly Many people will think that why spend their money on others and it’s their family’s responsibility to give education to their child. Secondly, some groups of people believe that younger will become more dependent on society instead of this they should find some other way. They can search for free education, or they should approach the government.

In sum, It will be a good idea that society will raise funds to educate younger, but they should also keep in mind that every person can not be capable of doing it. There will be a great idea to take a vote from everyone.

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