The Idea of School Children Wearing a School Uniform

Many people believe in the idea of school children wearing a school uniform, but should teachers as well be required to conform to a dress code?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.


Wearing uniforms in a workplace or in school identifies an specific outfit for an daily basis. It follows a certain discipline and certain appearance when you go to any workplace. People claim that many individuals like the idea of school kids wearing a proper uniform and they believe instructors of schools should also wear a dress code. This essay will analyze about kids wearing a uniform in schools while teachers are required or not required to follow a dress code in schools.

Paragraph 1

First and foremost, many schools support wearing a uniform for children while many teachers who don’t wear a dress code therefore it’s been suggested that it should be compulsory for teachers to follow a particular dress code. Evidence of this is provided by, introducing a dress code for teachers will function as role models. To be more precise, students who don’t follow to dress code and try to act arrogant by not following a dress code and those students when they watch teachers who properly follow a dress code it would be beneficial for students when the school authority is wearing the same dress code then students can’t deny to follow the dress code. Likewise, for introducing the dress code for teachers if all the teachers would be wearing the same outfit then there will be no difference among them. In other words there will be no superior or inferior complexity among teachers. Some teachers might feel lack of motivation and that could result in their low quality of work. Hence, every teacher and every student would be treated in a same way.

Paragraph 2

On the contrary, in many schools there is no security system and strangers can enter easily and commit crime or could steal anything. A good illustration of this is when teachers and students are following a dress code then they should only be able to enter the school premises. What this means is any stranger will not be able to enter the school or identify any other person because they all will be in a same dress code.


Henceforth, there are many positive effects of introducing dress code for teachers. It is beneficial for teachers and as well as for school.

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