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The Line Graph Shows the Average Temperature During the Hottest Part: AC Writing Task 1

The Line Graph Shows the Average Temperature During the Hottest Part AC Writing Task 1

The line graph shows the average temperature during the hottest part of the day in Australia in 2007.

The chart illustrates the standard inversion of Australia’s warmest part of the day over one year. Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that the average peak temperature was captured in Darwin in summer, while Sydney and Perth had a minor temperature in the winter season.

In detail, in the province of Darwin, the maximum temperature begins at 34°C. It’s already captured at its peak in summer, and this trend of temperature turned negative. The average value of climate declined to 35°C in the autumn, following this amount drastically sank to 30°C in the winter season, but in spring, a little inclination was recorded at 33°C. Moreover, in carnin, the average temperature on its peak at 32°C in summer, but this number took nose dive to below the 26°C in winter. Fortunately, this temperature rose to 29°C in spring. Next, Perth had immense changes in climate, with shares at 30°C in summer, and this value crashed sharply to 19°C in winter.

Furthermore, the temperature recorded in Sydney and Adelaide had some amount of numbers with shares at nearby 25°C in summers. Unfortunately, it then went down sharply to hit bottom at below the 19°C and 15°C in winter, but Adelaide had changed and surged value to 21°C and Sydney and 20°C in 2007.

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