The News Is an Important Source of Knowledge for All of Us About the World, Especially in This Era of Technology

The news is an important source of knowledge for all of us about the world, especially in this era of technology. Journalists are mainly responsible to bring this news to us but not all of them are true to their responsibilities and ethics. How much can we trust the journalists? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

In this contemporary world, news form an essential aspect of human existence, most importantly in this technological era. However, journalists hold an exclusive obligation in pIn this contemporary world, and news forms an essential aspect of human existence, most importantly in this technological era. However, journalists hold an exclusive obligation in providing the public with information. Meanwhile, the majority of these workers are not dedicated to the duties and basic instructions that govern this profession. As such, this essay shall explain ways in which the society can have to believe in the information which they bring.

First of all, most of these reporters alter the information they get in touch with. As a result, people hardly get access to the rightful content of an incidence which can be very misleading in a variety of ways. Because of this, since there are a variety of journalism individuals who normally gather data pertaining to a particular case, individuals can compare information from different sources to ascertain the validity of the massage. For instance, in Ghana, there are so many reporting industries like Joynews, Peace FM, Joy prime and so on who collect information about specific events, and clearly, their contents mostly differ.

Second of all, most people in this speciality fail to use the professional approach in gathering data and eventually end up collecting false information, which is later broadcasted to the public. I believe government should set up a regulatory body to closely monitor their activities and apply the necessary chastisement to any reporting officers and whole industries who fall culprits in delivering faulted information. By doing so, they will be more careful in going about their duties, and ultimately, the public will be assured of quality news. For example, in most countries, there are regulatory bodies that regulate the activities of journalists and apply the needful punishment to its members.

In conclusion, I believe these workers who provide the general public with important events, at times, do shabby work and fail to apply the required methodology in bringing us the information needed. Hence, these problems Can be mitigated if the state regulates their activities and the society makes sure information is obtained from different sources. They are providing the public with information.

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