The Older Generations Tend to Have Very Traditional Ideas About how People Should Live

The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Sample 1 The Older Generations Tend to Have Very Traditional Ideas About how People Should Live

It is an irrefutable fact that youngsters have their own ideas and thoughts to lead their lives according to their desire. Senior citizens tend to have copious conventional motives in terms of their lifestyle, way of thinking and demeanour and some individuals claim that these aspects must be followed by the youth in this contemporary epoch. Personally, I vehemently disaccord with the given assertion, and I will elucidate my perspective with credible illustrations in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Analyzing the given statements and elaborating further, the youngsters of the current era are enthusiastic about leading their own lives. Generally, older people have a habit of providing advice to their kids and grandchildren regarding their experiences and force them to follow the same. Nevertheless, it is substantially challenging to understand the similar principles of our ancestors and implement the same in this cutting-edge generation. To exemplify, a few years ago, people preferred to reside in the suburbs and their entire family was accustomed to staying under the same roof. Due to the rapid urbanization and increasing competition in a diverse range of occupational sectors, it is extremely challenging for young adults to stay in villages where there are no appropriate resources to adapt to the evolving lifestyle. Hence, it is fruitful for their own benefit to living independently in a nuclear family by migrating to cosmopolitan regions.

Probing ahead with other aspects, older people insist their grandkids have a thorough understanding of the future and pressure them to set an ambition in life. However, modern kids believe that these kinds of goals lead to additional psychological issues. Therefore, they just want to enjoy their lives rather than worry about the future. In a similar fashion, they receive advice from their ancestors to have a proper demeanour and regularly communicate with elders with appropriate reverence. But, they claim that it is ideal to have conversations with their peers since talking with older individuals only leads to excessive stress due to the different principles of their lifestyle. Thus it is impractical to impose and force younger generations to follow the lifestyle which was followed decades earlier.

Taking everything into consideration, it is crucial for senior people to stop enforcing and pressuring youth to follow the norms such as their living, way of thought and behaviours which were practised some years ago.

Sample 2 The Older Generations Tend to Have Very Traditional Ideas About how People Should Live

It goes without saying that globalization and development in technology have changed almost everyone’s expectations of human life. Therefore, according to some people, the traditional idea gives immense benefits, and even values and behaviour help people for their better survival, but others deny and believe these past ideas are not worthy for youngsters who live in the modern era. However, I deem that in some cases, traditional ideas are still useful, and it has various welfare in today’s community. I would like to explicate it and length easy paragraph to come.

Going with the first school of thought, new approaches and updated ideas brought the world closer and designed the lives of ordinary people easier and simple. Put in other words, there are numerous tools and options to solve the day-to-day problems of individual life. Even using sophisticated pieces of equipment with vast thinking change all the life of people who lives in the community. For example, there are ample inventions that make the lives of people convenient such as internet gadgets and heavy machines that sort out every immense problem in a few times. To add to it, new ideas among the children lead to easily get focus and achieving higher education while they are studying in smart schools.

Only the other hand, old inventions also have some positive side to making fact changes in society even though old ideas are time-proven so that massive population of the country, especially senior people, always like to prefer their old approach lifestyle for a better outcome. To be clear, moral values that are vital for people to survive in the contemporary era because when people get connected with their past background, they definitely achieve heights instead of destruction. Moreover, there are ample basic experiences of life which always learn from the Past value so that individuals tend to enhance their lifestyle with brilliant thinking. For instance, some of the treatments are not much effective in modern society, so they easily take old remedies which have a long-lasting effect of curing the treatment without any hurdles.

To conclude, certain ancient outlooks have become irrelevant in this new era. In spite of that, I think many of them are still useful to man today, and if followed by the newer generations, it can lead them to huge achievements.

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