The only way to Reduce the Amount of Traffic in Cities

The only way to Reduce the Amount of Traffic in Cities Today Is by Reducing the Need for People to Travel from Home for Work, Education, or Shopping. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Sample 1: The only way to Reduce the Amount of Traffic in Cities

It has been suggested that restricting the movement of individuals from home to work, shopping, and education is the only way to decrease traffic in urban areas. I completely disagree with the statement because there are other alternatives like building ring roads and encouraging public transport. These two methods will be stumbling blocks, but these ways will help reduce traffic.

To begin with, ring roads can be built to stop increasing traffic. To elaborate, individuals need to go to their workplace or to shop and attend schools or colleges. Limiting their frequency to move from one place to another will create only havoc. Therefore, constructing a ring road can work well. If ring roads are built, there will be no traffic in one place. People can easily reach their destination on time. It would be best to have this construction on the outskirts of urban areas. Thus, a city would be less noisy and serene. For example, in metropolitan areas, ring roads have reduced traffic, and individuals have taken a sign of relief as they do not hear loud horns and face long hours of traffic jams. This thing also has reduced the number of accidents on the road due to traffic congestion.

Moreover, encouraging public transport is another effective solution to curb traffic. To explain it, everyone now possesses a vehicle. So, they find it more convenient to go anywhere. But if public transport is modified with modern facilities, people would love to travel by it. As a result, the number of vehicles on the road will decline. This will not only be effective in reducing traffic but also make people socialize with others when they travel on a bus or a train. For instance, half the ticket price for regular commuters and comfortable seats with air conditioners in a bus can compel them to use it more frequently. If people are welcomed in a warm way, especially children, women, and oldsters, the bus or a train will be the first choice for everyone, and people will avoid using their vehicles. Consequently, traffic jams on roads will shrink.

To conclude, it is clear that making ring roads and promoting public transport are a few effective solutions to reduce traffic in cities. The reduction in traffic will not only be beneficial for our environment, but it also make people socialize

Sample 2: The only way to Reduce the Amount of Traffic in Cities

In this dynamic era, the population is increasing dramatically, and with that, the needs of individuals have also increased. Many people use their private cars for comfort, like they don’t have to line up on public transportation, and many travel for work, study, or to buy something. If we want to reduce the traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. We need to spread awareness among individuals to use fewer private cars. I partially agree with this statement, and in the next few paragraphs, I explain this view.

On the one hand, it is a good option to ask people to use more public transportation because nowadays these modes of transport are available at a low cost and are easy to find. Moreover, not only does it benefit financially, but it also helps people interact with new individuals. In addition, for health purposes, we need to disseminate the use of bicycles. And it helps to control traffic and pollution. For instance, in Japan, their government provides bicycle facilities to every person in the state to travel a short distance. And this idea works to control the traffic in the country.

On the side of disagreement, for some reason, people with disabled abilities and senior citizens can’t use public transportation or bicycles, and they are tied up to use their private cars. Furthermore, in some emergencies, a personal vehicle is the best option. For example, when there is a conflict between the government and transportation workers, we are forced to use our vehicles.

In conclusion, to control the traffic, it is a good option to let individuals know to use government transport facilities. However, in some cases, elderly and disabled people, can’t use public transportation, so they need to use their private four-wheelers.

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