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The plans below show the mining townsite in the past

The plans below show the mining townsite in the past

The plans below show the mining townsite in the past and after redevelopment in the present day. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The yielded diagram demonstrates changes in a mining town in the past and present-day after redevelopment.

A quick glance at the maps reveals that the mining town has witnessed many advancements. Mainly, it is more leisure activities place in the present than before while in the past it was an occupational area more.

In the past, the office was on the northwest corner, which was demolished currently. The car parking lot was on the opposite south direction of the office, and the staff changing room position was between this two. The medical room was in the centre of town while lorry park on the south of it and my entrance for the north side entrance. Furthermore, it had two pits of waste which was the west side.

Presently, staff’s changing room and office are removed and museum build in that area, cafe take the place of the medical room, and car parking reconstruct on the east way. Additionally, waste pits 1 and 2, as well as a lorry park, are knocked down while mine entrance purpose is now for the sightseer—children playground constructed in the south-west side whereas, the side picnic area and driving truck track respectively. In addition, a new square shape footpath was developed which separates cafe, picnic area and truck tracks to others.

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