The streets where you live has recently become dirty

The streets where you live has recently become dirty. Write a letter to your local council about the problem:  

1.     what caused this problem?

2.     What problems are faced by local people?

3.     What actions the council should take?


sample 1:


Dear Sir l Madam,

I’m Heena Kochhar who lives at Park Street, MBZ. I’m writing this letter to inform you about the litter laying on the street which recently occurred after the Food Festival which was held two days back in the park.
The organizing team of the event did the cleaning of the park after the event, but most of the bottles, cans, waste food and wraps have put around the trees of the street as the garbage bins were full inside the park.
Due to this, there is a strong unpleasant smell around the street since yesterday after the rain and dogs have dragged the litter to the walking paths as well. This is really irritating eyesight for everyone who uses the street and this will surely lead to spread diseases around because of the germs.
Therefore, I would suggest you communicate with the event team and arrange to clean the street properly and immediately. Also, I recommend the council to strongly advise on the common rules for those who reserve the park for future public events.
I’m looking for a favorable reply from you.
Yours faithfully,
Heena Kochhar

sample 2:


Respected Sir/Madam

I am writing to do you in reference to the house of garbage found on our street. This problem has occurred, due to the non-collecting of the garbage by the cleaning staff. Actually, our area is being sanitized by the contract staff under cleanliness drive. It has been heard that there is some misunderstanding between the contract staff and council authorities regarding the payment of salaries and other benefits being provided to them. The contract staff has undergone a strike for an indefinite period for getting their issues addressed.

Due to this problem, there is a foul small on our street which is very irritating. It has become very difficult to walk on the street looking at the mounds of garbage. This has really ruined the charm of living.

I would like to suggest your good self assign the work of cleaning of our area to your permanent staff.  They should be deputed to our area for collecting garbage as well as cleaning of all streets. Till the grievances of contractual staff are addressed by the council authorities.

I will be waiting for your immediate response and assistance on the raised issue

Yours’s sincerely

Manpreet Singh

This is the end of general writing task 1: ( The streets where you live has recently become dirty.)
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