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The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production

The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production (1)

The table below shows the amount of waste production (in millions of tonnes) in six different countries over a twenty-year period. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The given table illustrates how much waste is generated in Ireland, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal and The Us between 1980 and 2000. The quantity of waste produced is expressed in millions of tonnes.

Overall, The US stood at the top in waste production; Whilst Ireland was at the bottom place as it generated less waste over the given period.

Regarding the US waste production, in 1980, 131 million tonnes of waste had been generated, which rose gradually and reached a peak of 192 million tonnes at the end of the period. Likewise, an increasing trend was also seen in the quantity of waste produced in Japan. However, the quantities were less in comparison to the US quantities.

Concerning Ireland and Korea, these countries had no recorded amounts of waste produced in 1990 and 1980 respectively. 0.6 million tonnes of waste was produced in Ireland’s initial year, and then it skyrocketed to 5 million tonnes in 2000.

In contrast, Korea experienced a decline in waste production from 31 million tonnes in 1990 to 19 million in 2000.

As far as Portugal and Poland were concerned, both the countries had a gradual increment over the 20-year period by starting with deficient amounts (4 and 2 million tonnes) respectively of waste production. They ended up producing 6.6 and 5 million tonnes at the end of the period.

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