The Table Below Shows the Results of A Survey Which Sampled a Cross-Section of 100,000 People: AC Writing Task 1

The table below shows the results of a survey which sampled a cross-section of 100,000 people asking if they travelled abroad and why they travelled from 1994 – 1998. The bar chart shows their destinations over the same period. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

The table below shows the results of a survey which sampled a cross-section of 100,000 people

The chart illustrates the survey conducted with travellers about the purpose of the visit when they moved abroad. There were one lakh samples collected to make a report on the visitor moment. The bar chart depicts several locations where commuters stayed for over four years.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that most travellers visit abroad for holidays, and this trend has increased over the years. The least number of passengers visited international trips for other reasons.

In detail, in 1994 the highest number of travellers visited abroad to spend their holidays with a share of 15246, but this ratio declined to 14898 after one year. Surprisingly, the total number of travellers who visited international countries increased to 17,896 in 1996, finally reaching 20,700 after four years. Moreover, a few segments of people shifted abroad for their businesses and other reasons, accounting for 3155 and 982 respectively in 1994. Still, this value changed and surged at 3249 in businesses and 1030 for other reasons after two years. Next, in the business category, people’s interest inclined at 3957. Unfortunately, people declined a trip for different reasons at 919 in their final years.

Furthermore, in 1994 the trend of travellers visited in Western Europe country was hiked with shares at nearby 2000 and North America, another area that was least popular which had an insignificant value. Still, the total number in Western Europe increased to above 20,000 after two years and finally hits its peak at 25,000 in the final year, unfortunately – two nations were less popular over the years.

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