The Table Below Shows the Top Ten Countries with The Largest Population

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The table below shows the top ten countries with the largest population in 2019 and how it is projected to change by 2100. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The table below shows top ten countries with largest population in 2019

The rendered tabular chart illustrates the remarkable information regarding the population of 10 different nations in 2019 and shows the projected change by 2100. The data has been calibrated in millions.

Looking into the overall perspective, it is axiomatic that all the country’s populations show an increasing trend except China and Brazil.

Highlighting the given presentation, it is seen that in 2019, china was the highest as its population, which was 1439 million, but it is expected that it will go down to 941 million by 2100. India was the second country with a population of 1380 million in the initial year, but it will increase more in 2100, which will be 1551. Additionally, the USA is projected to increase by 147 in 2100, which was 331 million in 2019. Moreover, 274 million population were noticed in Indonesia in 2019, which will increase to 18 million more.

Moving to the rest of the data, the population in Pakistan and Nigeria will also increase as in other countries, which will be noticed 316 million and 730 million, respectively. At the same time, the population of Brazil is projected to decrease by 177. Furthermore, 3 of the ten countries in the world will no longer be among the top ten in 2100 because they will be replaced with three new countries such as Dr Congo, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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