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The Table Shows the Average Length of Youtube Video

The Table Shows the Average Length of Youtube Video
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The table shows the average length of YouTube video advertisements and the average length of time viewers spend watching them. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features.

Average YouTube Video ad length and time viewed. Write at least 150 words

Sample Answer of The Table Shows the Average Length of Youtube Video

The table chart depicts the average duration of YouTube advertisement and the time of different ads that people use. The units are measured in seconds.

It is lucid that the maximum length of lifestyle advertisement is 33.7 seconds and 14.3 seconds utilised by viewers. Whereas, the length of public service advertisement is almost doubled than the lifestyle which is 66.7 and viewers are also spending double time on it.

The total duration of entertainment and news is around 30.8 seconds and merely 26.5 seconds spent by watchers on it. For business and finance purpose, the advertisement duration is 35.1 seconds, and almost a quarter of people observe it.

Furthermore, The technology advertisement observed by viewers around 20 seconds and the length of the advertisement is almost doubled. The length of consumer electronics and clothing are around 25 seconds, and 16 to 17 seconds is utilized by people on it. The retail length is highest than the pharmaceuticals, and observers also give them more time to the retail sector. The overall length is around 35 seconds and 20.4 seconds spent by an individual on this factor.

Overall, The public service advertisement has a maximum length, and viewers spend the maximum time.

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