The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Fashion

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The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of fashion clothes and consumer goods. To What extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Fashion

Human beings are social animals; hence, they constantly need to interact through whatever form of media they can to provide their basic needs of clothes, food and housing. Interestingly, doing exactly what others do has made fashion clothes and food items more readily available. This essay will agree with this line of thought for the following reasons.

Generally, people Lack originality and, as a result of this laziness, tend to do exactly what others do. This copy-and-paste syndrome in the clothing and food industry is happening all over the world. For example, A tomato company sprung up in Jos, Nigeria, to reduce the wastage of tomatoes after harvest as a result of the unavailability of processing facilities. In the same year, another company was doing exactly the same thing. The question as to why another consumer’s good or time was not considered leaves reason to doubt their creativity. This has given rise to seeing the same kind of food products and fashion clothes everywhere you go.

In another light, people also do this for profit-making. Once it is evident that a particular consumer good or fashion apparel is doing good numbers in the economy, people go ahead into mass-production without paying attention to the after-effect, which includes seeing the same type of product all over the world.

In conclusion, copying people’s ideas is not bad; sometimes, there is room for improvement, but lacking diversity can make life very boring. As they say, variety is the spice of life and doing exactly the same thing as others do as per fashion items and consumer goods leads to excess.

Sample 2 The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Fashion

In this day and age, fashion has been flourishing significantly the world over. It is often witnessed that most humans follow trends like fashion, status, and consumer goods to make a luxurious Lifestyle. This essay agrees with the nation; however, both viewpoints will be analysed in the upcoming paragraphs.

The first and foremost factor is learning new things when copied to another person. It is because individuals are easy to attract with new things. In fact, they also want to live rich. So most humans follow clothes, Lifestyle, or goods. Also, they are motivated by the singers’ and actors’ lifestyles. And then, they work hard to get these things. Several studies have clear-cut proof that mostly 70 per cent of people learn fashion skills from social media because they are easy to infuse.

Another pertinent reason is the masses feel luxurious when they get the brand product. In fact, their confidence will be high in society. It would not be erroneous to say that when people wear the brand product or goods, their confidence level is high, and they feel rich. For example, BBC conducted a survey in an American College where 60% of students said they feel rich when carrying Apple products or branded clothes. As a result, product advertisement is also increased in society when people always carry.

On the contrary, despite the benefits of this phenomenon, it has a few drawbacks too. Firstly, everyone does not get the original copy of the product, so sometimes they feel sad and they cannot enjoy the present time. Individuals are easy to follow the social side, and they carry to buy the product, but they lose many other things in life. And they do other negative activities to buy this product, like snatching and crime. To cite an example, in India, the crime rate is increased due to earning money in a short time by snatching.

Having a delta, with this subject in some detail, it can be concluded that following the trend is a good way to learn new things in life but do not try to earn short-term money to buy the goods.

Sample 3 The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Fashion

It is undeniable that in this 21st century, everyone follows different personalities either they follow clothing sense or buy goods by watching them. I strongly agree with this statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I intend to discuss some views regarding this approach along with my opinion.

To embark with, it is commonly seen that in this modern era, everyone follows different trends like fashion. The first and foremost point is that there are the majority of reasons why follow new trends regarding clothing like they wear fashionable clothes as well as they follow some actors and singers whom they admire. They follow them, and they are motivated by their role models. Once their models started wearing different attires, they supported them and wore the same stocks. Apart from this, some people individuals want to purchase different brands of products and vehicles. By watching their stars, they copy them.

On the other hand, there are other things besides fashion and goods. Firstly, sometimes people copy other lifestyles and hard work. To explicate, half of the generation follows successful people and gets inspired by them, and its courage the local public to do hard work to get the best position in life as well as follow the lifestyle so that they can live a better life.

To recapitulate, I would like to reiterate that most people like to follow superstars’ fashions and are encouraged to buy devices their stars use. Others like to do hard work so that they live a better life in future.

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