The Workplace Is Changing Rapidly and Many People Can No Longer Rely

The workplace is changing rapidly and many people can no longer rely on having one job their entire life. Describe the possible causes of this and suggest how this problem can be dealt with.

Sample 1 The Workplace Is Changing Rapidly and Many People Can No Longer Rely

In this contemporary era, an enormous number of people are not sustained in the same job for extended periods of time, and they frequently change their workplace. The reasons behind this are that they have not received a salary hike, have an unlikable work culture, and have inconsistent work timing. To solve these kinds of situations, employers must give space to employees by creating a friendly atmosphere, reducing shift hours, and improving the increment.

To begin with, nowadays, many people are working more than eight hours per day, which may lead to physical and mental health problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular issues like heart attack, and many more. Besides that, because of health issues, they cannot concentrate on their tasks and are not able to complete them on time. In addition, this might also affect productivity.

Moreover, in many companies, this kind of work culture may induce employees to look out for other organisations that provide a more user-friendly environment. To cite an example, a recent survey from Google shows that most private companies are stretching the workers’ shift hours from a minimum of ten to twelve hours. This is one of the reasons for the change in their workplace.

Alternatively, employers should make work timing flexible for everyone, which helps them finish their job without any delay, which might also increase the production ratio. Furthermore, proper recognition should be given to individuals on a periodic basis, depending on their task accomplishment. Also, management should not pressurise the team members; instead, they should create a work-free space to improve productivity. Thus, these types of steps would prevent the employees from thinking about changing their job.

To conclude, it is evident that every person seeks work to manage their own commitments. However, nowadays, many workers are not working in the same place for their entire careers because of the abovementioned problems. Hence, in order to solve these issues, employers must take the necessary steps, and their contribution towards work culture is imperative.

Sample 2 The Workplace Is Changing Rapidly and Many People Can No Longer Rely

The workplace exchange quickly because the vast majority of people cannot depend on one job their whole life. There are many reasons I will discuss in the given paragraphs moreover also share solutions to these problems.

Firstly, The big reason people are not doing the same job lifetime is money .every people want to achieve great success and a lot of money to spend their life better way .whenever they get a chance to earn more money they mostly choose a better option and leave their old my country, a large number of people live in remote areas .they travelled a long distance to find a good job. But sometimes they start work for less money to complete our needs .many times, individuals move to rural areas to enhance their experience and earn a vast amount of money. However, another big reason is high standards. The majority of people maintain their standards and make an outstanding personality in the whole world .they want to make a famous person after a long time struggle to achieve their goal.

On the other hand, there are many solutions to reduce these problems .government needs to provide a good opportunity for the job to young people according to their experience. When they get their job according to the choice, they should not swap their work whole life while good salary is more important for improving this. Sometimes many companies hire employees with less salary. Moreover, they contracted with a limited pay scale .even if companies earned more profit, sometimes they faced many difficulties whenever employees left their jobs and moved to further. Companies need to provide suitable facilities to their candidates.

In conclusion, companies and government are responsible for this. If they provide suitable resources to people, they do not change their work quickly.

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