There Has Been Growing Interest in The Relationship Between Equality and Personal Achievement

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In Recent Years, There Has Been Growing Interest in The Relationship Between Equality and Personal Achievement. Some People Believe that Individuals Can Achieve More in Egalitarian Societies. Others Believe that High Levels of Personal Achievement Are Possible only If Individuals Are Free to Succeed or Fail According to Their Individual Merits. What Is Your View of The Relationship Between Equality and Personal Success?

There has always been a debatable discussion concerning a person’s success in terms of their achievements and pressure drawn by society. Some individuals feel that it is mandatory to discourage a human in order to reach great heights, whereas others believe that it is a huge drawback and they must experience their lives as per their wish. This essay elucidates both perspectives and is followed by the personal viewpoint in conclusion.

To begin with, in the present generation, some individuals believe that it is necessary to inculcate stress in a person in order to pursue success. This is being implemented right from their childhood. For instance, children are forced to get high scores and grades in their primary classes. This gradually creates stress for the students, and they are heavily burdened. Additionally, nowadays, youngsters who fail to enjoy the fruits of their hard work due to a lack of motivation are prone to various psychological issues and are entitled to attend therapy sessions to relieve them from these pessimistic emotions.

On the flip side, if society optimistically encourages people, then a person is immensely motivated to pursue their dreams. Firstly, parents must guide their children to lead their life on their own and educate them that both success and failures are a part of life. For example, if an adolescent fails to receive good grades in their classes, the parents must have regular conversations rather than insult their kids. Secondly, if humans are free from societal pressure, they can achieve their goals within a short span of time.

To sum up, there are many cons when people are accustomed to societal pressure and eventually liable to many physical and psychological illnesses. This essay has illustrated the negative impacts of discouragement enforced by people and the positive aspects of individuals who achieve success with constant support, encouragement and motivation from their loved ones.

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