There Have Been Many Inventions in Human History

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There Have Been Many Inventions in Human History, such as the wheel. Some people think that the most important thing is the Internet. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

Sample 1:There Have Been Many Inventions in Human History

In this technological world, there have been many inventions invented by humans because of our needs, and some inventions were invented out of the curiosity of our human culture. Humans started to invent wheels, and nowadays, the Internet is famous for its benefits. We can’t even think how we can survive without it because we are too dependent on technology like the Internet. I think every invention has its own value, and we can’t deny that, whether it’s wheels or the Internet.

To begin with, every invention is the result of hard work and the intelligent mind of a human being, and some creations are the result of many failures. Moreover, inventions like the wheel, radio, bulb, and many more are the basis of new-generation devices and technologies. For example, the famous researcher Thomas Alva Edison created a bulb in 1879, and with the help of the bulb, next-generation researchers created LED lights.

On the other hand, the Internet has its own benefits, which many individuals are giving too much importance to. Furthermore, in this dynamic era, everyone is expecting to do more efficient and perfect work, and to achieve this, we use the Internet. In addition, not only the business industry but also schools and universities are now using the Internet for their own benefit, and it is good that they are giving priority to that. For instance, in recent years, due to the pandemic, most people and students have worked or studied from home, which is possible because of the Internet.

In conclusion, not only do small inventions like wheels have their own importance because we humans grew zero from the hundred, but also, in the present, the Internet is more popular because of the benefits that we are enjoying.

Sample 2: There Have Been Many Inventions in Human History.

Nowadays, individuals have several inventions for a better lifestyle, like the wheel. However, the internet invention is an eminent part of human beings; hence, there are a plethora of reasons behind this trend. I believe, to a large extent, the internet merits. This essay examines all feasible aspects and thus leads to a logical conclusion in the forthcoming paragraphs.

According to the internet creation, individuals lives convenient life in their comfort zone since it has numerous advantages. First and foremost, information technology revolutionized the way of communication as well as it has changed the work method for employers. To simplify that, people can easily talk with their relatives and also with friends in less effort. Moreover, cyberspace has a crucial part in this development because if citizens forget their personal documents in an unknown place, cybercrime will be committed within a few days. To illustrate, BCC News Reports says that in China, thief cases significantly diminished after the demonstration of internet innovation.

On the other hand, a few multifarious creations like cars, bikes and other transportation rely on wheel innovation. Furthermore, people live a better life with wheel invention because they converted the way of transportation like vans, bikes, and buses. People live a convenient way of life as it gives the simplest way of travel as well as reduces the time period of long-distance destinations. For example, world experts say that the innovation of the wheel is equally beneficial to the Internet.

To conclude, the creation of the wheel is an imperative fraction of human life as it gives a convenient path of travelling, although cyberspace is a more prominent innovation for citizens as it has the potential to know about everything through this one.

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