There Is More and More Outrage and Anger Common in Society Today: Writing Task 2

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There is more and more outrage and anger common in society today. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample 1 There Is More and More Outrage and Anger Common in Society Today: Writing Task 2

In many modern societies, anger and violence are becoming much more popular. Although, this kind of behaviour used to be rare in some decades past. This essay will expound on the reason for the onset of this attitude in people at present and why it is a negative trend to grow with as a society.

Firstly, more people are becoming violent and angry so quickly because they are under an excessive amount of pressure and are highly frustrated. That is to say, people nowadays have numerous responsibilities to cater for, but they seem to be stuck in one place rather than in constant progression. Even though they are working yet, their earnings don’t seem to care for their expenses. When they realize that their burdens are increasing eclipse their finances, they begin to experience frustration. For example, a colleague who works as a banker and takes care of his five siblings and their parents gets angry quickly, even during a mere disagreement with a friend, because he thinks his duties are many and doesn’t earn much from work.

Nevertheless, this is a negative development because it can lead to societal crime. In other words, whenever people are angry, they tend to act swiftly at anything they do before their thinking cap begins to work. Their ability to reason wisely doesn’t seem to activate. Therefore they could be forced to kick off a violent act which would lead to crime commitment. To exemplify, in 2014, a popular newspaper in Ghana reported a crime incident case on their front page about a football fan who shot his friend during a heated football argument at a gaming centre.

To summarize, anger and violent conduct are becoming rampant in the current societies people live in because most people are frustrated and under enormous pressure and so do not have time for irrelevant matters. Meanwhile, it is a negative development since it would encourage people to commit crimes in society.

Sample 2 There Is More and More Outrage and Anger Common in Society Today: Writing Task 2

Nowadays, it is observed that there are more anger management issues and resentment than before among the public in society. In my opinion, this is a fact and, unfortunately, a negative development that can be problematic and becomes unresolvable for even trivial matters.

To begin with, for the past few years, people of different ages, from teenagers to old age, do not shy away from bursting out and showing their remorseful feelings for a thing or someone who has hurt them in some way. They would channel this anger directly over the thing by breaking it or damaging it physically at the worst or for a person by never talking to them or mistreating them, and there was a time when they used to indirectly keep it to themselves to save the relations and not turn them bitter.

People have developed an attitude and ego which does not make them wary about the danger of losing relationships or important things like jobs. People’s tolerance level has decreased a lot, and they would not take up anybody’s argument in a positive manner. For instance, Managers who give constructive feedback to their employees for improvement are rarely considered. Instead, employees get infuriated and tend to give up their job because they dislike the low-performance feedback. They would not think about how to improve it or what could go wrong. But they would criticise this and show the outburst by resigning or, at worst, going Absent without official leave (AWOL).

Turning to more negative development, we see how people get impacted when there are family brawls. Especially when the parents are constantly bickering and having conflicts, it does impact the children psychologically, which can hamper their development and change their characteristics to negative traits like feeling hopeless, reacting outwardly with anger, conduct disorder, etc. This upward trend of outrage getting common in society is also a link to making visits to the therapist for counselling more frequently than ever.

Apart from these internal problems, there are some national issues too which get highlighted every now and then in the newspaper or the news channel where the aggression among the national political parties has grown to such a level that it has become a severe threat to the whole community leading to the riots and chaos, killing hundreds of people in that outburst. Anger also sows the seeds of terrorism across the nations, and because of that, there have been many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts witnessed in the last 20 years.

To conclude, the main factors of these problems we see daily in our personal life or the community we are part of are primarily due to the aggressions and the change of the attitude of people, which is expanding negatively and making it a negative phenomenon.

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