There Will Be More Older People than Younger People in Most Countries

In the future, there will be more older people than younger people in most countries. Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample 1 There Will Be More Older People than Younger People in Most Countries

It has been widely proposed that, in some years to come, there will be more older people than the younger generation, whether this is positive or negative. I would opt for the former because older people have knowledge and experience in various fields of work, judge situations, give advice when the need arises, and settle individual disputes.

First of all, the knowledge and experience of old people greatly influence many aspects of an institution or organization. For instance, to be a forklift in a company, one must be experienced enough and possess the required knowledge to help see the corporation’s progress. When young people are given such opportunities in our areas of work, progress may stall as these young ones are inexperienced in many aspects of their field of work. In addition, older people act as a mentor and also give directives to up-and-coming colleagues to order to ensure progress in a positive manner.

Another pertinent factor that makes having more old people in some years to come positive is that they have the ability to settle disputes among individuals who are not well related to each other, especially at workplaces or in families. These old people know the aftereffect of what unhealthy relationships can bring and so would do their possible best to make peace reign. To add up, they can judge situations and advise their ward. Due to their knowledge, they can analyze issues that arise among their children and decide on a perfect way to tackle them. These qualities may not be seen among the younger ones.

To sum up, the proposed notion that older people will be more than younger ones in the future will be a positive development rather than the opposite.

Sample 2 There Will Be More Older People than Younger People in Most Countries

Nowadays, you read on social media some parts of countries have more older people than younger people. This essay will discuss the positive or negative effects of these situations on society.

Some counties have extreme populations, due to which countries are facing poverty issues. People are suffering from malnutrition due to insufficient food & water. In this case, the major young generation, like kids, are affected because they did not receive proper intake of nutrition as compared to older people. Few countries have applied the rules to have only one child, due to which their population will fall, which will likely result in less poverty & less competition for the resource.

This can impact society in a number of ways. Older people are not always capable of doing all the work by themselves. According to age, they face limitations while doing some activities. They require assistance or personal care due to medical conditions from the younger generation.

For country finance and technology growth, the younger generation is equally important. Compared to younger people, it is difficult for older people to adapt to new technology or learn new things. Many countries around the world are becoming richer as they develop, and at the same time, there is a reduction in family size. A possible negative impact is that there will be fewer younger people in the workplace in future, thus making the sustainability of future economic growth less certain.

In conclusion, regardless of any impacts, some counties are still continuing to have a trend have limitations on new populations.

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