These Days, Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to The Ways

These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1 These Days, Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to The Ways

Nowadays, the introduction of advanced ways of communication through the internet and cell phones has become vital in making people stay connected virtually. In my opinion, I think there are more merits to having this technology than demerits.

First of all, due to technology, it can be seen that in the developing or the developed areas, there is a vast number of masses using cell phones from the basic to the advanced device with internet connection which supports many social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. With the help of these apps, people easily interact with each other, and it has proven beneficial in making friends and socializing among the friend circle.

Apart from the social culture, we also witnessed that when the Covid pandemic hit the globe, meeting people in person had to be avoided in public due to fear of contraction of coronavirus. Apps such as Microsoft Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom meetings were entirely reliant sources in Education & professional communication, So all the essential public spaces like offices had been replaced with remote style working, i.e. work from home, walk-in interviews venues were switched to the virtual interview rooms through Microsoft Team meetings, school teaching had to be shifted to the zoom meetings, etc. During this phase, we understood that having a cell phone and an internet connection was essential to help us move forward with our daily life.

In contrast to the above, we see that the increased screen time has proven to be physically unfit, such as eyesight problems which can also cause headaches, Obesity, Insomnia, chronic neck or back problem, and mental health deprivations such as depression, and anxiety to name few. In addition to these, sometimes making friends online could also be dangerous due to fake and impersonated profiles sending invites which can lead to hacking of the profile and misusing the personal information. All these can also be shunned if we carefully use social media apps and also keep track of our screen-time usage.

In conclusion, cell phones and the internet paved the way for strengthening a person’s bond with his loved ones and friends staying distant. Thus, I find this as the most significant advantage to society.

Sample 2 These Days, Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to The Ways

In the modern Era, cell phones and the internet are paramount factors which are more helpful in competing with other people socially. There are many advantages. I will discuss their benefits in the given paragraphs. Moreover, there are some disadvantages also.

Firstly, cell phones and the internet play vital roles in every person’s life. Because today everybody likes to use these things, these things are more helpful in different kinds of streams like in Education, hospitals, shops, and in many other places. Now life is incomplete without the internet and cell phones. On the other hand, many apps are available on the cell phone that makes people more confident and famous. They used Facebook, Instagram and other apps that provide a better platform to show their talent. Many individuals in my country like to make videos and upload them on Facebook and Instagram. by doing this, their fan followings increases, and people of all regions also like these reels and give various comments. This is an excellent way to show their hidden talent .some people are making their YouTube channels upload some videos that give a good message to our children. Today, it is a source of income .they earn more money by making vlogs .children learn various things from these videos and try to perform.

Moreover, there are some disadvantages. Children spend a lot of time on mobile phones and the internet rather than studying. They move on the wrong path .sometime they search for harmful material on phones and follow them. It has dangerous effects on health. It is badly affected our eyes. Children use mobile for playing games by using money. Furthermore, they also moved to crime by using these technologies.

In conclusion, mobile and the internet have many cons as well as pros. It has many harmful effects on our health as well as our children. We can reduce this by less usage of these things. We have to need to guide our children to their disadvantages.

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