These Days Mobile Phones and The Internet

These Days Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to How People Relate to One Another Socially. Do the Advantages of This Development Outweigh the Disadvantages?

Sample 1: These Days Mobile Phones and The Internet

It is currently observed that electronic gadgets and the Internet are playing vital roles in making people socialize with others. In my perspective, this trend has more advantages than disadvantages.

To begin with, mobile phones and the Internet are powerful weapons to reduce the isolation of people by uniting them with their old friends. To elaborate, now it is very easy for people to communicate with their loved ones through social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. They no longer need to travel a lot to meet them. By using them, they can remove their loneliness and make themselves feel rejuvenated. Therefore, it reduces the communication gap, which sometimes becomes a cause of conflict. Moreover, electronic devices and the Internet update people with the latest communication styles. People use them according to the situation and express their feelings. In this way, they set up an etiquette, which can be helpful for a healthy society. In addition, people take part in political debates over crucial issues via these devices and make any government aware of the problems and needs of the people so individuals set up a communication stage and help in sorting out real problems.

On the other hand, if cell phones and the Internet are good means to be outgoing with others, at the same time, it is making people’s lives public. To explain it, individuals make friends online and disclose their secrets to more than one person. As a result, the embarrassed moments are uploaded on the Internet, and it brings disgrace to the concerned person. Everyone instantly comes to know about it. These sites are not safe for communicating personal issues. For example, many youngsters make their fake IDs and start talking with others, either in the form of a boy or a girl. This thing has great harm on their personal life. Many even try to commit suicide to avoid dishonor, which this socialization brings to them. In addition, people feel diffident to talk face to face. They love how to stay connected via text messages or making calls. They cannot read a person’s gestures or his intentions. Thus, this thing makes them timid and agitated.

To conclude, it is clear that mobile phones and the Internet are more useful for people to remove loneliness and update them with various communication styles. However, it has drawbacks. It makes an individual’s life public and makes them feel nervous while talking in person. Despite all these, individuals get more benefits as these are the needs of the day.

Sample 2: These Days Mobile Phones and The Internet

In this dynamic era, technologies like mobile and the Internet play a crucial part in our lives. And without them, some tasks are not possible. These inventions make our lives way easier, and we are too dependent on them now. Using these technologies may have more advantages, but at the same time, it may be addictive and lead to more cybercrime.

To begin with, on top of the advantages, the features that these technologies have to make our lives easier—not only professional but personal lives. For instance, for an individual who lives abroad for his education. His family members can’t visit him every day. So they can make video calls with the help of their smartphones and the Internet. Another example In our daily lives, in recent years, the world went through the toughest day because of COVID-19 and many schools and colleges got help from the Internet and mobile to teach children in online classes.

On the other hand, for disadvantages, sometimes too much use of these technologies creates trouble for us, like nowadays when cybercrimes are rising rapidly. This is mainly because of the increased use of social media and the Internet. For example, in India, there was a significant jump in cybercrime reports in 2021 compared to the previous year. That year, over 52 thousand cybercrime incidents were registered, as compared to only 3,477 in 2012.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to using the Internet and smartphones. They can make our lives easier than in the past; however, operating too many of them creates trouble for us, so I think we can use them properly and carefully, so it is more efficient.

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