Today the World Has Many Urgent Problems and Solving Them Is Possible by Nations

Today the world has many urgent problems, and solving them is possible by nations’  cooperation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer of Today the World Has Many Urgent Problems and Solving Them Is Possible by Nations

Today, the world is facing a lot of obstacles such as unemployment, poverty as well as pandemic. To get rid of these problems, the cooperation of all nations is sought, and I completely agree with this statement as it would help establish peace in the nations and economic stability in the world.

To commence with, To mitigate the world’s hurdles, it is indispensable to seek global corporation. Unemployment in many countries can be seen, and people are starving and struggling hard to make both ends meet. So, with the efforts of affluent countries, small scale industries can be sustained, where ordinary people will get jobs and be able to raise their living standards. A poor country or a developing country cannot make it due to large populations and other priorities. So, foreign aid can help a lot. For instance, developing countries, with the efforts of alien countries assistance, can run loan schemes and provide subsidies to the masses to make them financially independent. There will be no complete burden on governments. This step will create peace among nations, and every nation will make itself to help the other in time of crisis. Thus harmony will develop among the nations.

Besides, Efforts of all countries can help any weak nation provide economic stability by establishing industries or other plants for the benefit of a destitute nation. It will reduce poverty, and people can lead a blissful life and contribute to the progress of a nation. Thus a country’s economy will boost, and a poor country can repay their debts that it takes from other countries. A Russian country established the classic example of two steel plants in Bhilai and Rourkela.

Furthermore, now due to COVID-19, all nations are helping each other and the poor nations by providing them with an adequate supply of medicines and instruments needed to control it. So, it is ostensible that with global assistance, the world’s hurdles can be tackled because if a single country is experiencing any disaster, its effect could be seen on others.

In conclusion, It is ostensible that the world’s problems can be solved only with the efforts of all nations. If all nations get to unite, then it becomes easy to establish harmony in the world. It will remove social and political tensions, and the downtrodden will not suffer much.

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