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a tourist attraction in your country that you enjoying visiting

# Describe a tourist attraction in your country that you enjoying visiting

Sample answer

Early this August, my family paid a visit to the Sino-Indian border, an autonomous region in the Northern border of India, along with another two families of my father’s friends’. We, a group of twelve, had a great time there. It’s rather hot in Northern India at that time, while it’s cool there, one of the reasons we took a trip there.

What impressed me are the vast prairie, wonderful scenery and unique life of the local people. The guide, a native, showed us around places of interest in the area by his coach. What I enjoyed most was the experience of riding a horse. It’s the first in my life that I touched a horse and rode on it.

Being used to tourists, the horses were tame and they were trained to walk around, so that the inexperienced riders, like me, would not get hurt. The riding, however, was stopped by a heavy shower, lasting only a couple of minutes. The wind, in various shapes, in the sky was much different from that in the city, and it flowed rapidly, bringing rainfall to the land, ended with a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

What’s amazing was that a rainbow showed up whenever raining stops. Then in the evening, we had dinner in a big yurt where we had a roast lamb for a meal. It’s holy to have a roast lamb, and we appreciated the ritual of the native’s making and disturbing lamb to us, which was impressive.

There are so many to see there, including the South Gate, the landmark for the boundary between China and India. The four-day visit was too short to enjoy the place, and I’d like to go again in the future.


Question: How has the way Indian people spend their holidays changed in the past few decades?

People used to take trains, ships, and buses to visit places of interest in their country, and it’s not common to visit places far away, for it takes a long time to go and it costs a lot. In the past decades, the standard of people’s life has improved a lot, so does the development of transportation. Now, however, people can go to foreign countries in hours with flights available. The fast development of tourism makes it not costly to travel around.

Question: What kinds of places do Indian people prefer to visit?

Yes, more people now can afford traveling. People would like to visit different places. Some prefer to pay a visit somewhere near water, such as beaches. Some prefer to go to the mountainous regions and appreciate creatures in the woods. Some would like to go abroad and enjoy the life of people in other nations.

Question: In India, what are the different kinds of places that tourists can visit?

Well, people have many choices of what kind of place to visit. For instance, they can visit the Jaipur city where there are historical constructions. They can also pay a visit to Delhi if they are interested in shopping. They can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in Shimla or Manali, too, where the weather is cold and there is plenty of delicious food.

Question: What kind of place do Indian people prefer to visit as a tourist, an urban environment or a rural environment?

People have different preferences in tourist places. I would like to visit a rural environment. I’ve been tired of living in the city, and I long for a place to relax. I prefer to climb mountains and have a picnic at the top of the mountain with my friends. Then maybe we could enjoy the beautiful sunset together.

Question: Most people think that natural scenery is more attractive than modern buildings. Why do you think they feel this way?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, there is no lack of modern buildings in big cities, which appear alike and surely have no much attraction to people. Secondly, made of concrete and steel, modern buildings appear to be cold to people, and remind people of their rush daily life.

Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of going on a guided tour ?

There are many advantages on a guided tour. For example, a guide can introduce the history of a resort, or the characters of a piece of work, which surely will help visitors appreciate and enjoy the visiting. Also, people can also visit places of interest in several days. However, people, on a tour group, are scheduled to visit somewhere at a certain time, and they have to go through it whether they like it or not. Besides, due to the limit of time, people will be urged by a guide to another place while having not enough time to appreciate it.

Question: What are the good and bad effects of tourism for a country?

Obviously, the main good effect of tourism for a country is the huge income it brings. Except for the fees tourists pay during visiting, a great number of jobs will be created to serve them. Of course, there are bad effects. The flow in of tourists will put more pressure on public transport and the environment, which will greatly influence the life of local people.

Question: What do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages of living in a popular tourist destination?

The government of the tourist destination tends to pay a lot in keeping the place clean, making it more attractive and comfortable to visitors. The citizen of the place will enjoy the cleanness and comfort, too. Besides, the citizen can have more job opportunities in serving visitors. Those are obvious advantages. Loads of visitors, however, will take up a lot of resources of transport, food, and accommodation, which may cause problems for the local people.

Question: In addition to economic reasons, can you think of any other benefits from the development of the tourist industry?

Thanks to the large sum of tourism incoming, the destination place can improve its infrastructure, so as to better serve the tourists, and in return, more tourists will be attracted to the place. Besides, the culture and special product of the place will be made known to more people in the world, so it’s good to advertise the place by tourism.

Question: Are there any possible bad points associated with international tourism?

Well, the language barrier has caused many problems in international tourism. People visiting abroad have to rely on their guide to interpret and introduce all those things on their tour. They themselves have difficulty in finding help when they are in trouble. Besides, they are just guided to sec things different from their own, while having no much clear understanding, which is meaningless.

Question: What are the differences between the choices of old people and young people for traveling?

Young people are energetic, and they prefer to visit somewhere special and to try something new and exciting. Old people, however, would like to visit historical places and do something relaxing. For example, paying a visit to the beach, young people will enjoy themselves swimming, surfing and diving yacht. While old people, they would prefer to go fishing and sit quietly to enjoy the broad sea.

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