UK Immigration and Emigration: AC Writing Task 1

UK Immigration and Emigration. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

UK Immigration and EmigrationThe two pie charts given illustrate data related to individuals who moved to the UK from other countries and people from other nations who migrated to the UK for six different reasons in 2007.

Overall, the pie charts reveal that the main reasons people came to the UK were definite jobs and formal study, while the movement of individuals from the UK was to get deserving jobs.

To commence with, as for people who moved to the UK, 30% of them got a better job, and 26% of them were set up for higher education. Whereas 23% of people had reasons like employment or accompanying someone. Moreover, 21% of people had no basis for why they moved or any other reason.

Emigrating people—more than half of the percentage of people who moved from the UK—had reasons like getting better jobs and a job. 18% of people migrate for no solid reason, while 13% and 14% get along with someone or have other reasons. Only 4% of people moved to other nations to study.

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