useful opposite words most usable ielts exam

useful opposite words ielts exam

  1. Ability x inability

  2. Happy x unhappy

  3. Import x export

  4. Interior x exterior

  5. Maximum x minimum

  6. Include x exclude

  7. Junior x senior

  8. Above x below

  9. Majority x minority

  10. Optimist x pessimist

  11. Superior x inferior

  12. Accept x refuse

  13. Civilized x uncivilized/savage/barbaric

  14. Big x small

  15. Acquire x lose

  16. Ancient x modern

  17. Agree x disagree

  18. Alive x dead

  19. Barren x fertile

  20. Admire x despise

  21. Blunt x sharp

  22. Bold x timid

  23. Bright x dim

  24. Broad x narrow

  25. Care x neglect

  26. Confess x deny

  27. Cool x warm

  28. Broad x narrow

  29. Bold x timid

  30. Clean x dirty

  31. Cruel x kind

  32. Domestic x wild

  33. Difficult x easy

  34. Dangerous x safe

  35. Dark x bright

  36. Death x birth

  37. Debit x credit

  38. Early x late

  39. Earn x spend

  40. Empty x full

  41. False x true

  42. Guilty x innocent

  43. Fine x coarse

  44. Freedom x slavery

  45. Fat x thin

  46. Foolish x wise

  47. Fresh x stale

  48. Fear x courage

  49. Guilty x innocent

  50. Gain x loss

  51. Good x bad

  52. High x low

  53. Humble x proud/arrogant

  54. Honour x dishonour

  55. Joy x sorrow

  56. Knowledge x ignorance

  57. Kind x cruel

  58. Lie x truth

  59. Little x much

  60. Masculine x feminine

  61. Make x mar / break

  62. Natural x artificial

  63. Noise x silence

  64. Oral x written

  65. Pride/arrogance x humility

  66. Presence x absence

  67. Profit x loss

  68. Prose x poetry

  69. Quick x slow

  70. Receive x give

  71. Reject x accept

  72. Ripe x raw

  73. Rough x smooth

  74. Remember x forget

  75. Rich x poor

  76. Sharp x dull

  77. Tragedy x comedy

  78. General x particular

  79. Victory x defeat

  80. Wild x domestic/tame

  81. Weak x strong

  82. Wisdom x folly

  83. Youth x aged

  84. Give x take

  85. Laugh x cry

  86. Smile x frown

  87. Buy x sell

  88. Here x there

  89. This x that

  90. Never x always

  91. Stop x start

  92. Wrong x right

  93. Tight x loose

  94. Love x hate

  95. Throw x catch

  96. Yes x no

  97. Forward x backward

  98. Stand x sit

  99. Lost x found

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